Work experience: 
Project Consultant/ Researcher
International Affairs
Academic Council on the United Nations System (ACUNS)

-UNOOSA focal point
- Research and editing on satellite remote sensing related topics
- Attending the STSC, LSC and COPUOUS meetings on behalf of ACUNS
- Project coordination of environment and technology related projects of the ACUNS Vienna office.
- Organization of high level panels at the ACUNS Vienna Annual Conference in the Vienna International Center.
- Co-editing and compiling of the conference proceedings publication "Vienna Vision- peaceful, inclusive, prosperous and sustainable world"- presented at a high level meeting in the UN headquarters New York.
- Enhancing department and organization reputation perception to Vienna based UN Organizations and Permanent Missions.
- Participating in educational opportunities to update job knowledge. Orienting, training, assigning, and coaching team members.

Project coordination:
- Organizing quarterly briefing meetings with all the project teams to explore opportunities to add value to job accomplishments.
- Communicating ideas for improving project management processes to the Managing Board.
- Keeping the Vienna liaison Officer informed about project status and issues that may impact future results.
- Assisting the Vienna liaison Officer at high level meetings.

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