Work experience: 
Integration, Test & Support Manager
Defense & Space
SSBV Aerospace & Technology Group

- Line Manager of the SSBV Integration and Test Team
- Responsible for AIT activities Data Terminating Equipment (EDTE) project

Providing co-ordinated post-delivery support across a wide variety of projects, such as:
- 400S Flatsat TMTCFE, APOGEE TMTC, AS250 S-Band SCOE
- BepiColobo AIT Power FE, BepiColobo MPO Interface Sim., BepiColobo Simulation FE, BepiColobo TMTC FE
- EarthCare PISA, EarthCare RF SCOE, EarthCare TMTC & Power FE
- ExoMars DH SCOE, ExoMars RF SCOE, ExoMars TMTC SCOE Rover, ExoMars TMTC Simulator
- FlexSat TMTC FE
- Galileo IOV TM/TC Simulator
- Galileo-FOC S-Band RF Suitcase, Galileo-FOC TTCF Modem
- Galileo-FOC PTS SMS, Galileo-FOC TMTC FE, Galileo-FOC TTCSCOE
- Lisa Pathfinder RF Suitcase
- Sentinel-1 RF Suitcase, Sentinel-1 TMTCFE, Sentinel-1 TTC SCOE
- Sentinel-2 TMTC & Power FE, Sentinel-2 RF SCOE, Sentinel-2 Simulation FE
- Sentinel-3 TMTCFE, Sentinel-2 TTC SCOE
- Solar Orbiter RF SCOE, Solal Orbiter SIIS, Solar Orbiter TMTC SCOE

- Backup network administrator of the company network
- Facility responsible of the local premises

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