Work experience: 
PhD Student
Higher Education
Full time
University of Naples Federico II

The topic of my PhD activity is the study and development of innovative and advanced technologies, techniques and algorithms for the autonomous navigation of aerospace platforms. Currently, my work is focused on the development of innovative, robust, and reliable algorithms suitable to estimate with high accuracy, autonomously, and in real time the relative pose of a non cooperative target satellite with respect to a chaser one. These algorithms are capable of exploiting data provided by active or passive electro-optical sensor. The pose estimation of an uncooperative target is a critical issue to deal with in order to perform relative navigation maneuvers (e.g. for rendezvous and docking) in the framework of Active Debris Removal and/or On-Orbit Servicing space missions. CORRELATED ACTIVITIES: Supervisor of Master Thesis in Aerospace Engineering. Substitute lecturer of Astrodynamics, and Space Systems.

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