Work experience: 
GIS and Remote Sensing specialist

GIS modeling & spatial analysis

01/2009 to 01/2012

GIS & Remote Sensing Expert & Designer

01/2000 to 01/2005
ADB Designer
University of Helsinki

ADB Designer Helsinki Viikki Campus, Laitekeskus

ADB and GIS designer

GIS Land Parcel Identification system

01/1995 to 01/2000
Senior Research Scientist

SILMU Climate Change Program (Academy of Sciences in Finland)

GIS & ADB designer for the FLPIS system (Land Parcel Identification System)
Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in Finland

GIS designer

01/1995 to 01/1999
SAS consultant

Consultant for banking, insurance and public sector

Visiting Research Scientist
National Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences, 3-1-3 Kannondai, Tsukuba, 305-8604, Japan

Visiting Research Scientist for Remote Sensing and Climate Change programs in Japan

01/1990 to 01/1995
Senior Research Scientist at MTT Agrifood Research Centre
The Finnish Research Program on Climate Change (SILMU)

SILMU Climate Change Research program (Finland Academy of Sciences)

01/1990 to 01/1991
SAS consultant
SAS Institute Finland

Consultant in Banking, Insurance and Public Administration Sector

01/1985 to 01/1988
Research Scientist
Aalto University School of Science and Technology

Helsinki University of Technlogy, Radio Laboratory and Metsähovi Radio Research Station Research Scientist

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