Work experience: 
Senior Mechanical Engineer
Antwerp Space

Responsible of all the thermal and mechanical design, manufacture and test qualification of the ARGO modem Equipment to be mounted on the ISS. Use of DOORS and ClassDoc for documentation and Specifications management. Hired as a Consultant by Modis.

01/2014 to 01/2015
Senior Mechanical Engineer
Piaggio Aerospace

Consultant within the FTI group Mr. Boer has designed by means of CATIA in Enovia the structural elements for the Flight Test Instrumentation System to be mounted on the P1HH and MPA3. In 10 months Mr. Boer has designed more than 100 parts, followed manufacturing and supervised final Assembly and Qualification. The hardware was undergoing a flight test qualification in January after which his tasks were considered fully and successfully accomplished.

01/2012 to 01/2014

SHIPinSPACE is a newly born UK Space Company operating in the Space Tourism business. Without any budget available Mr. Boer was able to accomplish 30%-40% of the Phase B development with a team of 7 people in about 4 months. The 100% primary structure has been designed in less than 1 year time under his leadership. SHIPinSPACE is the only Company Worldwide that has based its 44 Passengers +4 Payloads Vehicle on the decoupling structures, a technology that permits to have an easy separation of the Passengers Survival units, the Pods, and let a safe descent by means of embedded parachutes. This feature would have saved the life of both the Challenger and Columbia teams. SHIPinSPACE is the Space vehicle designed for the same Safety figure of a wide-body Aircraft, the only condition to enlarge Space tourism to a large number of people. The objectives of the Company are: - Validate a 44 Passengers + 4 P/L's Sub-Orbital Engineering Model based on the decoupling structures technology belonging to the Company with high level mechanical tests. - The Module structural mass of as low as 10.3 Tons for 44 Passengers equivalent to a P/L of over 3.8 metric tons represents by far the lowest mass budget ever for a manned Spacecraft with such a capacity. This goal can be reached only by using the decoupling structures technology. - The vehicle that is undergoing a Phase B has accomplished a detailed static and dynamic FEM analysis on the Passenger Module that has fully demonstrated the low level of stress encountered by using the decoupling structures technology. A CFD-based aerodynamic study has permitted to analyse and validate the external shape of the SiS vehicle - Provide a take-off Simulator able to train Passengers in 18 months time. ***IT IS NEITHER SCIENCE FICTION NOR A DREAM: IT IS JUST TOP LEVEL ENGINEERING MADE UP BY TALENTED PEOPLE***

01/2009 to 01/2013
Manufacturing Engineering Manager

Based on the knowledge of Design, Structural and Mechanical Engineering, Mr. Boer was able to set the technologies (Injection, MIM moulding, sintering, sheet metal and optimized machining technologies) aimed at the optimization of Prototypes destined to Health Care Laboratory Automation in terms of Cost, Performance and Assembly time reduction. Mr. Boer was directly responsible of the design optimization of fundamental machine parts like transforming multiple machined and heavy parts into one unique light weight injection molding component or solving technical issues of immature functional parts in new machines.

01/2008 to 01/2009
Senior Mechanical Engineer

Consultant about the modification of some structural parts of the MDPS (Micro-meteorites and Debris Protection System) MPLM Module, part of the ISS (International Space Station). Team Leader of a group of designers in THALES ALENIA SPACE by means of CATIA V5. Migration of existent CATIA V4 models to V5. Formation to young designers of CATIA V5 Part Design functions.

01/2006 to 01/2008
Senior Mechanical Engineer
GKN Aerospace

Lead Designer Contractor with CATIA V4 of the Future Lynx Helicopter Forward Module. Design of Subsystems accommodation such as Flotation S/S, Environmental Control System, Harness routing lines. Modification of existent Flying Control parts. Design of brackets and other secondary structure components aimed at fastening S/S components such as Equipment, valves, piping, harness. Use of Agusta Westland Ltd standard parts. Check with ENOVIA of clearances between S/S components and structure. Definition of static and dynamic envelopes. Design of the Helicopter Primary and Secondary Structure such as Beams, Frames, Stringers, Skin, Doublers, Splices, Composite parts, Floor and Mechanical I/F with Flying Controls (brackets/supports). Design of Aluminum Machined and Sheet Metal parts within CATIA V4 Virtual Product Model (VPM). Modification of envelope surfaces to take into account changed requirements. Preparation of the Bill of Material and 3D FD&T text/tolerance dimensions. 2D installation drawings of some S/S secondary structure change of the Chinook MK3 Program.

01/1994 to 01/1997
Mechanical Operations Engineer

Responsible of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Stage (L220, L33 et H10), PAP and PAL (Propulseur d’Appoint Liquide et Propulseur d’Appoint à Poudre) Assembly and of the all mechanical Operations during the ARIANE 4 Launcher Campaign. More specifically: Leader of the Operational team responsible of the Composite Assembly (1st Satellite over the Adaptor + Internal and External Cones + Spelda + 2nd Satellite + Adaptor + Fairing) and all the mechanical operations of the Launcher aimed at receiving the Composite over the Ariane 4 3st Stage in the ELA2 Launcher Facilities. Mechanical Engineer inside the Launch Operations Division of the Flight and on-Ground Mechanical Interfaces. Operations Flight and on-Ground Procedures management, writing and execution. Time Schedule Operations Manager and Supervisor responsibility aimed at coordinating the daily Operations in the ELA2 Launch Site with special regard to interdictions and safety requirements. Planning and procedures updating with regard to the specific Launcher campaign and Satellite specifications. Team Leader of the following Launch Campaigns: V76 (Panamsat4), V79 (Astra 1E), V83 (N-StarB), V86 (Amos/Palapa2C), V90 (Telecom C2, Italsat2), V93 (Nahuel-1A, GE2), V98 (PAS6) and, more generally, follow up of 33 launches and 55 satellites sent on-orbit.

01/1990 to 01/1994
Mechanical Designer Engineer

Mechanical Engineer in the COLUMBUS Mechanical System Department. Designer of most part of the Columbus secondary structure. Design configuration of all S/S's such as Thermal , ECLSS, Avionic Equipment. Mass budget optimization Engineer.

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