Work experience: 
Operations Manager, Europe & North America
Grafton Technology

• In support to the Director of Operations and CEO, provide business development expertise in the space sector, networking and development of expert and client databases, recruitment and talent management, response to tenders, strategic orientation, promotion of the company, prospecting of new clients • Consulting activities to European space companies

01/2011 to 01/2013
Owner, Director General
Business Finance Solidarité SAS

• Responsible for the company’s organization and accounting, representative for investor and partner relations, manager of business processes, technical assistance to staff. • Accountable for the renovation work follow up, interior architecture, construction work negotiations, technical and financial feasibility. • Drafting of specifications, cost and schedule control with our contractors, regular visits to work sites with photographic support for our clients, verification and validation of deliveries. • Designer of the financial simulator, logo, advertisement brochures, website, intranet and electronic document management system. Information systems administrator. Development of market studies, business plans and open source software solutions via the web / cloud

01/2008 to 01/2011
Director Space Development - CTO

• Advisor to the President and CEOs for the company’s space development strategy and business plans, management of the activity and expansion of the division, promotion of the corporation and prospecting of new clients, recruitment, employee’s skills management for optimal benefits to the company and European customers. • Development of strategic and business plans, endorsement of R&D activities, response to tenders and negotiation of secured contracts. • Management and organizational audits to space customers. • Consulting activities to European space companies

01/2007 to 01/2008
Regional Director, French Branch
LSE Space GmbH

• Creation and management of the German branch in France, guide to the CEOs and coordination of strategic business activities, response to tenders, development of the infrastructure and recruitment of the team on the French site. • Consulting activities to European space companies

01/2001 to 01/2007
Principal Consultant

• Manager responsible for the ground segment preparation, procedures generation, training and execution of ESA’s manned spaceflight missions • Development and maintenance of Columbus ground segment and introduction of new methods using collaborative tools and SLA (System Level Agreements) between partners for high reliability and availability of computer systems and networks. Implementation of monitoring, evaluation and continuous improvement processes. • Technical support for TM/TC systems for remote ESA operations centers (USOCS, EAC and ESC) distributed throughout Europe. • Co-author of an ESA study on the design of an orbital debris optical detector and infrared tracker from the International Space Station.

01/2004 to 01/2006
Marketing Director, Software Integration Manager
SAWAN Technologies Inc.

• Co-creator, sales manager and software integrator of client / server software (dShare / nShare) for the acquisition, processing and display of TM/TC used in the Columbus ground segment.

01/2000 to 01/2001
Operations Consultant
Alenia Spazio

• Team Lead for the engineering activities and preparation for the ground segment of NASA’s Multi Purpose Logistics Module (MPLM). • Support to the validation of the mission and control center for the Italian Space Agency (ASI) and its operations during the first flights of the module. • Contract management support activities including the generation of user requirements, specifications, proposals, statements of work, work packages and risk management plans.

01/1997 to 01/2000
MSS Operations Complex Facility Manager/ SOSC Project Manager
Canadian Space Agency

• Manager of the day to day operations, maintenance and upgrades of the MSS Operations Complex, including modifications and construction to build rooms with new capabilities. • Implementation of regulatory requirements, laws and processes for performance, quality of service and security of personnel, facilities and information systems. • Technical management of 10 systems administrators, computer technicians and planners / cost officers involved in the monitoring, evaluation and continuous improvement of facilities and information systems. • Responsible for an annual budget of several million dollars for the operations of the complex and for the development of the control center infrastructure. • Manager for the end to end development of CSA’s mission operations centre. Responsible for a team of 15 engineers developing the room’s infrastructure, information systems, networks and software in a high availability, reliability and security environment. • Responsible for negotiations with NASA, the international partners and the prime contractor for ground segment interfaces, security and telemedicine. • Generation of training plans and courseware, provide astronaut crew training.

01/1995 to 01/1997
Senior Project Engineer, Space Vision System Operations
Canadian Space Agency

• Manager of the Canadian Space Vision System (SVS) laboratory with direct supervision of eight engineers and technicians. Scientific authority on operations contracts up to 1M$. • Development of algorithms and simulators for the assembly of the International Space Station and Space Shuttle docking systems using SVS. • Integration and testing of SVS in the Space Shuttle and various elements of the International Space Station. • Support the design, analysis and planning (in collaboration with NASA) of robotic operations using the SVS. • Generation of training courseware, provide astronaut crew training.

01/1991 to 01/1995
Project Engineer/Integration specialist/Canadian Astronaut Program
Canadian Space Agency

• Responsible for the configuration and implementation of laboratory and office space for the new space center. • Provide astronaut crew training and carry out microgravity sciences research and mission operations on NASA’s Space Shuttle and KC-135 parabolic flights. • Responsible for Static/Dynamic testing and analysis of Space Shuttle scientific payloads for cargo bay, middeck lockers and aft flight deck integration. • Project Manager for the Canadian space mission simulation CAPSULS. • Preparation and participation in safety reviews for various payloads on the Space Shuttle

01/1990 to 01/1991
Environment Canada

• Coordination for the acquisition, management and analysis of data on Canadian motor vehicle emissions to support Environment Canada’s policies and regulatory activities.

01/1985 to 01/1990
RADARSAT Project Office

• Responsible for the space debris threat assessment analysis of the RADARSAT 1 spacecraft and generation of design recommendations for risk reduction. • Monitoring of subcontractors in relation to the design and development of sub-systems such as structures, mechanisms, solar arrays and thermal control. • Development of mission simulators for sensor coverage and ground station visibility

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