Work experience: 
TT&C Engineer
Full time
Bolivarian Agency for Space Activities (ABAE)


 .- Satellite Engineer Responsible of the Satellite Communications (Telecommunication GEO Satellite)

.- Responsible for Radio Frequency Subsystem

Radio Frequency Equipments: Up Converters, Down Converters, modem, LNA, TWTA, HPA, Tracking receiver, GPS, Time Code Distribution, Frequency signal distribution, Matrix, Wave Guide, etc 

.- Responsible for Payload Software’s

The Payload software guarantees the successful interaction between users and the satellite telecommunications

.- Responsible of the equipment’s and software in the satellite ground station. (Windows Platform)

MCS Software (Monitoring and Control Software)

CSM Software (Carrier spectrum Monitoring)

ESVA Software (Earth Station and Verification Antenna)


Systems & Network Analyst
Full time
Bicentennial University of Aragua Venezuela

Design and implementation of LAN Networks

UBA LAN Network Administrator

Responsible for technical support to the System & Networks Department of the UBA University.


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