Work experience: 
AOCS Engineer

Since I joined RHEA System, I have been working at Airbus Defence & Space (UK) as Contractor.

AOCS Engineer
Airbus Defence & Space

AOCS FDIR & Operations Architect for Solar Orbiter, an ESA-led mission with strong NASA collaboration.

01/2012 to 01/2013
AOCS & GNC System Engineer

AOCS & GNC Technical Responsible at CGS, an OHB Company. Involved in the following ASI (Italian Space Agency) Earth Observation Missions: PRISMA -I (Phase C) - Responsible for the AOCS Subsystem - Consolidation of AOCS & GNC Design in the frame of CDR - Consolidation of AOCS Susbsystem Design Specification / AOCS Units Procurement - Definition of Test Plan for Gyro Box Unit developed at CGS. OPSIS (Phase A) - Responsible for the AOCS Subsystem - AOCS Design Trade-offs - Feasibility studies focused on the Attitude Maneuvers to be performed by the satellite for target acquisitions

01/2010 to 01/2013
AOCS Engineer
OHB System

GALILEO FOC Satellites Project (ESA) • Development of AOCS On-Board Software (Galileo ECSS Standards) • Management of interfaces between AOCS and On-Board Data Handling • AOCS Units Data Pre-processing • AOCS FDIR (Failure Detection Isolation and Recovery) • Test Activities on the AOCS Units (Gyro, Earth Sensor, Fine Sun Sensor, Reaction Wheel): - Test Specifications and Procedures Definition - Short Functional, Electrical check-out and Performance Test carrying out - Test Results Analysis • Support to Earth Sensor Procurement (Selex Galileo) during Equipment Status Review phase ------------------------------------------------------------------------- MTG (Meteosat Third Generation) - AOCS FDIR Responsible - AOCS On-board SW Algorithms development, design and specification

01/2009 to 01/2010
AOCS Engineer and Mission Analyst

Main Projects: PRISMA (ASI), ESEO (ESA) AOCS: • Software Development for automatic generation of attitude guidance plannings according to mission constraint • Maneuver profiles study to support AOCS design, thermal analysis and operations • Chebyshev Polynomials for Spacecraft Attitude Guidance • PRISMA-I Payload Calibration by Moon Pointing MISSION ANALYSIS: • ESEO mission analysis (Coverage, Eclipse, De-orbiting, Illumination...) • Constellation study • PRISMA orbit design (Frozen Condition, Repeatability) • Development of MATLAB/STK Interface for Orbit Design

Master Degree Thesis

Main Activities: • Study of the AOCS Modes of PRISMA-I and the main operational constraints during Satellite Lifetime. Focusing on Guidance issues. • Software Development and Testing for automatic generation of optimum and constrained attitude plannings (guidance). The software will be used to design attitude control system of new spacecraft generation of Carlo Gavazzi Space (PRISMA-I,MIOSAT,...). Focusing on PRISMA-I Fine Pointing Mode. • Implementation of attitude profiles in STK to test the Planning Software Results.

01/2006 to 01/2007
Internship and Bachelor Degree Thesis

Main Activities: • Study of Plasma Radiation Mechanisms and Emission Spectra of the main elements composing High-Temperature Ionized Plasma encountered by reentry vehicles, as Space Shuttle. • Spectroscopic analysis of radiation emitted by the non-equilibrium hypersonic air jet in the plasma wind tunnel SCIROCCO • Development of the Software ESECS (Experimental Synthetic Emission Comparison of Spectra), to compare the theoretical spectra of the species provided by the ESA code PARADE (PlasmA RAdiation DatabasE) with the experimental ones obtained by Test • Responsability of the overall setup for the Spectroscopic acquisition during the test. Participation at Test of 24.04.2010 in the Control Room Workspace.

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