Work experience: 
Programme Manager, Aeronautics
Air Liquide aB&T

• Developed business cases for tenders. Designed best response strategy (pricing, technology, make-or-buy) with technical and commercial teams. • Increased customer satisfaction, delivering on contractual engagements. Pushed fulfillment rate (on-time deliveries) to 92% through internal and supplier management. • Increased profits by 15%, reducing costs and ensuring tight financial control of >2M€ budget. • Closed profitable deals for Air Liquide with clients and suppliers. Obtained contract renegotiation deals on troubled programmes.

01/2011 to 01/2012
Consultant & Business Analyst, IM Global Accounts
Air Liquide

• Provided Air Liquide CEO with European multinational analyses. Wrote executive profiles on financial performance and relevant developments concerning client companies (ERT Members). • Created strategic development plans for selected global accounts, in cooperation with worldwide account managers. • Provided sales analysis to senior management. Provided results interpretation of worldwide sales to strategic accounts. Defined KPI’s and created a dashboard for Strategic Accounts sales monitoring. • Developed and deployed an opportunity portfolio tracking tool.

LEAN Productivity Improvement Project Leader

• Led an efficiency improvement project at several maintenance workshops. Lead time decreased by 20% in the following 6 months, and productivity increased by 5%. • Cut costs by eliminating inefficient practices. Designed and implemented a LEAN manufacturing program that was continued and replicated after my departure

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