Work experience: 
Head of Avionics Department
Volga-Dnepr Design Bureau

-- Planned and coordinated the engineering and certification activities of the Avionics Department. -- Prepared and lead the feasibility study and related initiatives to provide the assessment of the An-124-100 modernization programme. -- Initiated, analysed and evaluated the needs, expectations and key operational and architectural requirements, as well as the crucial limits and restrictions -- Defined the alternative concepts and architectures which could be. implemented onboard the airplane, documented the operational concept descriptions and evaluation summaries. -- Conducted the technical benchmark analysis and evaluation, including the candidate architectures' safety and operational efficiency; developed the operational and business models used in the analysis. -- Participated in preparation of the modernization programme scenarios, executed the affordability and feasibility assessment of the programme. -- Supported the programme director and managers in planning and controlling, monitored and communicated project status, engineering issues and significant developments as appropriate. -- Prepared and negotiated the CS/FAR 25 certification application and specifications, acted as the liaison between the national aviation authorities and the programme management. -- Developed the architecture and requirements specifications for the onboard An-124 Video Surveillance System. The documents are reviewed and approved, and the System is to be implemented. The implementation will reduce operational damages by 40-65% and increase the overall safety of operations.

01/2012 to 01/2014
Systems Engineer
Modernization Aviation Komplex, LLC

PROJECTS: Development and qualification of aircraft full flight simulators for Cessna 172S (Skyhawk), Mi-17 and Mi-24 -- Elicited and specified of the operational requirements for the cockpit, systems and flight simulation models as well as for the instructor operating station. Jointly with pilot instructors, I described operational scenarios, prepared and reviewed the operational concept and system requirements documents. -- Collected, formed and updated the data packages comprising the aircraft data used to design, test, and validate the simulators. Communicated with the simulator customers and with the developers of the aircraft, the engine, and the avionics system. -- Performed as a liaison with national aviation authorities in order to enable validation of the data packages and qualification of the simulator. -- As far as the the aircraft/engine developers refused to provide us with the aircraft data, I prepared and conducted flight tests ( test plans, organized testing team and facilities) to gain the data and form the data packages. -- Coordinated software developers, both internal and outsource. -- Reviewed the detailed design performed by mechanical engineers. -- Organized and supported the product implementation, delivery, installation and qualification.

01/2011 to 01/2013
Lead Avionics Engineer
Modernization Aviation Komplex, LLC

PROJECTS: Mi-24 and Mi-8 helicopters retrofit -- Defined and developed the overall avionics architectures to be implemented in the modernised Mi-24 attack helicopters and the Mi-17 transport helicopter -- Performed functional analysis, identified and documented operational concepts and requirements specifications, developed and traced system architectures, the hardware and software designs descriptions, and matlab models -- Specified and assigned tasks and requirements for the detail design (both hardware and software) as well as for implementation, testing and integration of the electronics, mechanic, electronic, optic and software components -- Prepared and integrated system, software and hardware development processes. This included safety and quality assurance, component tests, environmental tests (DO-160), and integration tests -- Planned and executed the ground, enabled and contributed to flight tests, documented, analysed and reported the test results -- Organised reviews of the operational requirements and technical specifications before approval (enabled validation) at the maturity gates (project milestones) -- Played as the customer liaison to develop customer needs and expectations, comprehensively supported the product acceptance

01/2012 to 01/2013
Engineering Manager
Modernization Aviation Komplex, LLC

PROJECT: New Civil Lightweight Helicopter (M.A.K. - Abu-Dhabi TAWAZUN) -- Formally initiated, planned and controlled a research and preliminary design project, which had the objective to determine and demonstrate the feasibility of the new helicopter, as well as its affordability. -- Arranged and coordinated external and internal cooperation and communications in the project, carried out online and offline negotiations for proposals, statements of work, plans and contracts. The external cooperation included liaison with aviation authorities, international investors, partners, and subcontractors. -- Organized, tasked and instructed project team members, provided leadership and technical direction, assisted the subcontracted project teams as an engineering consultant and supervisor. -- Selected, evaluated, configured and maintained the regulatory and engineering framework and management baselines. -- Defined and validated development and FAR27-certification objectives and strategies; estimated and planned their scope, schedule, and budget; specified their organizational, cooperation and responsibility structures. -- Participated in the establishment of the project Joint Committee. Together with the Joint Committee, conducted or enabled project reviews and acceptance of the requirements (validation), program plans, concepts, and architectures, and subcontracted works. -- Contributed to the market investigation, survey of aviation regulations, analysis of aircraft and crew operations, technical benchmarking, as well as to the specification of initial product requirements. -- Maintained broad awareness of the efforts, assured technical quality excellence, timely completion of work and reviews, appropriate use of resources, and responsiveness to project needs. -- Assured proper documentation of technical data generated for the project and tasks consistent with the accepted engineering policies and procedures as necessary to achieve the schedules and contract commitments.

01/2009 to 01/2010
Test and Integration Engineer
Sukhoi Civil Aircraft

-- Prepared and executed ground tests, using “Electronic Bird” test bench, and flight tests and certification of the SSJ-100 airliner avionics systems and flight instruments: FMS, ACMS, data recorders, and FADEC -- Carried out hazards and system safety assessment -- Enabled reviews of compliance plans, test cases and procedures, engineering reports and validation summaries -- Provided liaison with a SSJ-100 customer–Aeroflot (Russia) and component suppliers: Thales (France), Teledyne (USA), Esterline CMC Electronics (Canada) -- Participated as an executive engineer in the certification committees arranged with MAK, ICAO, FAA, EASA, and TCCA representatives

01/2006 to 01/2008
Avionics Engineer
Ramenskoe Design Bureau

-- Participated in three aircraft modernization programmes: MiG-29KUB, which is a multi-mission fighter and attack jet, can operate from both air-carrier and land runways; Su-35, an air defense fighter; and MiG-35, a 4++ generation upgrade of MiG-29 -- Responsible for installation, integration and tests of ILS, VOR/DME and TACAN, and VHF, Mission Control System and HUD with HсP (control panel). -- Developed and documented operational scenarios at aircraft and mission levels, specified and validated software and hardware specifications and ICDs -- Prepared and executed bench and ground tests, wrote reports and executive summaries

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