Work experience: 
Electrical Launch Operations Engineer

1) Low Voltage Facilities Technical Manager for Ariane5, Soyuz and Vega launch complexes: • Contract Management - Perimeter protection security systems, telecommunications / synchronisation, Launcher electrical interfaces (RF), payload electrical interfaces; • Management of industrial teams, responsible for operations and maintenance, • Validation of the operational and maintenance procedures for launch campaign configuration, • Validation of technical records of evolution and operational maintenance of facilities, • Participation in technical and financial appraisal of Industrial Facility Management contracts. 2) Head of Command & Control Systems, Power distribution and Low Voltage for the launch campaigns of Ariane5 and Soyuz launchers: • Management of industrial teams responsible for the operation and maintenance of electrical installations, • Validation of operational procedures for the benefit of launch campaigns, • Analysis of non-compliance on all systems and management of corrective actions within tight deadlines. 3) Head of Ariane 5, Soyuz and Vega flight preparation operations for spacecraft customers: • Preparation of operational procedures, • Supervision of electrical integration operations, • Verification of interfaces between the launcher and the spacecraft.   4) Specialist of sequential electronics, power distribution units and pyrotechnic systems of Ariane5: • Preparation of operational procedures, • Supervision of operations of pyrotechnics systems integration on the launcher, • Validation of flightworthiness of the different electrical systems. 5) Electrical operations manager for the Soyuz campaign in Baikonur: • Preparation of operational procedures, • Supervision of electrical operations for the customer, • Management of the European electrical installations on the site of Baikonur • Verification of interfaces between the launcher and the satellite.

01/2007 to 01/2008
Assembly, Integration & Test Engineer for Thales Alenia Space

Test manager on HFI and LFI instruments of the Planck satellite: • Integration of electrical equipments on the satellite, • Preparation of test procedures, • Creation of IT sequences, • Performance tests, writing the test reports.

Payloads Safety Engineer (Internship)
Centre National d'Études Spatiales

• Methodology: Writing the guide to risk analysis activities for payloads, • Analysis: Study of the compliance of the docking and filling systems of the ATV.

Research Internship
Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de Marseille

Making a data-processing tool under IRAF (dedicated data-processing language), intended for the analysis of the spectral shifts in spectrum UV for mission GALEX (beginning of the examination of the information collected by the mission at that time)

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