Work experience: 
Principle Consultant
Cameron TCMS Ltd

Working with clients to develop new and novel test, measurement and control systems using National Instruments hardware and LabVIEW or TestStand. I have special expertise in Aerospace, Defence and Power industries. I'm happy to work throughout the UK and Europe on a contract basis and I'm able to take on work packages on a subcontract basis. Currently looking for my next LabVIEW test, measurement or control project anywhere in Europe.

01/2014 to 01/2015
Contract Test Application Developer
SSBV Aerospace & Technology Group

I've been assisting in the development of a suite of RF verification and validation test applications for the next generation of satellite ground station RF modem using National Instruments TestStand and LabVIEW products. The EDRS Space Data Highway modem utilises a bespoke test software interface that provides a LabVIEW application with the means to exercise control over the modem whilst both stimulating and monitoring it using a variety of off-the-shelf test hardware and an Airbus provided test platform.

Contract LabVIEW Test System Developer
Ultra Electronics Precision Air and Land Systems

I was part of a small team of LabVIEW developers building a multi-purpose test and measurement solution for Ultra PALS and the Airbus A400M project using NI LabVIEW and PXI instruments. I focussed on the CANbus simulation aspects of the system and the integration of the NI and other third party hardware. The system is now being used for verification and validation of Ultra's airborne hardware.

01/2013 to 01/2014
Independent Contractor
Cobham Mission Equipment

Assisting in the development of LabVIEW and NI TestStand applications to support the development and manufacture of Cobham's flight refuelling systems and assisting in the migration of manufacturing supply to a new vendor in the North West of England.

01/2011 to 01/2013
Affiliate Senior Systems Engineer
Austin Consultants

Developing LabVIEW applications and providing system engineering services in areas of specialist knowledge.

My relationship with Austin Consultants has provided me with the means to deliver a wider scope of services to my clients that has included hardware design and manufacturing services. Using the expertise that Austin Consultants provides we can deliver complete end to end solutions that involve all aspects of the specification, design, manufacture and integration of a LabVIEW and National Instruments based application.

01/2009 to 01/2013
Consultant & Director
Anasis Ltd

Anasis Ltd was an IT consultancy specialising in the provision of network and application performance management services and bespoke test and measurement solutions. We predominantly used one vendors software tools and expanded our portfolio to encompass server performance and load testing.

Anasis also developed bespoke process automation and test and measurement applications using National Instruments LabVIEW product. LabVIEW is outstanding at bringing software costs down and delivering real power to your engineering challenges.

Anasis provided specialist IT services to local businesses focussing on network performance and business information management and all of our services were provided on a global basis. We went where the need was, anywhere in the world.

Our clients included, among others CDMS Transactis, The Kuwait Investment Office, Thomson Reuters and OPNET Technologies.

Associate Consultant
Bluefish Communications plc

Providing application and network performance analysis consulting services to the financial sector.

Thomson Reuters

This was a challenging period during which I assisted Thomson Reuters to integrate the OPNET toolset into their business processes to provide the basis for a capacity planning and management capability that encompasses all of their WAN assets. The work focussed on developing reliable network topology exports from OPNETs VNE Server and then validating the network model using SP-Guru Network Planner. The next stage will be to import traffic data from a variety disparate sources. At the end of the project a roadmap has been put in place that will lead to very substantial savings in WAN operating costs.

01/2004 to 01/2009
Consultant & Director
Attica-IT Ltd

Attica-IT was my first consultancy business set up initially to support the development of IT in my local small business community and later to expand the use of the OPNET(TM) range of products through a consultancy based service. I've become experienced in the use of OPNET ACE(TM) and ITGuru(TM) products and have a good understanding of many of their other offerings. Clients have included the (then) MoD DCSA, MoD AFPAA, Countrywide Surveyors and the Kuwait Investment Office. My final project in Attica-It was the development of a web based database development environment intended for the small business.

01/2006 to 01/2008
Paradigm Services

Working through OPNET Technologies I assisted Paradigm services to develop Network Modelling and Application Performance Analysis skills using the OPNET toolset. During the engagement we demonstrated the significant benefit of application characterisation and predicitive performance analysis.

01/2005 to 01/2006

Working on behalf of OPNET Technologies I supported DCSA in early application characterisation studies using the OPNET(TM) toolset and performed ground breaking work in the area of network capacity planning by combining data from multiple sources in a single network model in IT Guru(TM). I also conducted a number of application characterisation studies using OPNETs ACE Analyst product (now known as Application Transaction Xpert(TM)). This work led to the establishment of a defence wide Application Characterisation Service (ACS) and the mandatory use of application characterisation across defence applications.

01/2002 to 01/2004
Business Development Engineer
Ultra Electronics Datel

Following Ultra Electronics acquisition of Datel I continued in pseudo business development role working both in business development and system engineering. My biggest achievement was the development of a system testing concept for Rolls Royce who were developing the next generation of naval nuclear reactor. The Dynamic Test Environment has been built to test the safety protection system that runs alongside the reactor. I was also involved in the MoD Falcon programme and designed the Joint Multinational Interoperability Assurance Network along with prototype nodes located at the LSRC in Blandford and LBTS in Portsmouth.

01/1996 to 01/2002
Senior Systems Engineer
Datel Defence Ltd

I worked initially on an aerospace subcontract with British Aerospace assisting to transfer overall project control of the Typhoon multinational radar programme from German to British control and then performing the equipment engineering role (acting as a customer friend overseeing the development of the project).

My career then changed direction and I became involved in bid and subsequent development of a UK wide nuclear accident management system based on a Windows NT platform using Lotus Notes and a secure ISDN based WAN. This IT project has been a major success for Datel and continues to earn revenues in 2010. After completing NARIMS I developed a secure WAN infrastructure for BT to interconnect elements of the Land Systems Reference Centre (LSRC) based at Blandford.

01/1990 to 01/1996
Senior Software Engineer

Started by returning to my roots developing embedded flight software for the Tornado aircraft with a focus on displays and the Mil-Std 1553 bus being used to integrate the new TIALD based weapon aiming system and the ALARM missile.

I then joined the Ariane 5 Flight Control software development team where I was responsible for the software development and test environments which were based primarily on DEC VAX equipment but with HP-UX test environments. I added a variety of embedded testing systems during my tenure on the team which included 680x0 emulators from Lauterbach, Mil Std 1553 test systems and expanded the network infrastructure across multiple sites (good old X25). I also started to develop a taste for business development and was involved in a number of bids and building a relationship with the local DEC office.

01/1988 to 01/1989
Systems Support Engineer
Radstone Technology Ltd

Having developed a strong understanding of the VMEbus technology and software development methods I joined Radstone to provide technical support to their industrial and defence customers in Germany. Based in Frankfurt my clients included, Dornier, ABB, the Frauenhofer Institute in Karlsruhe and MBB.

01/1987 to 01/1988
Software Systems Engineer
Marconi Software Systems

Helped to develop Marconi's bid for the new Eurofighter (now Typhoon) radar with special interest in the Radar Data Processor. Developed the concept of a militarised VMEbus computer using commercial chipsets and worked with a number of suppliers in gaining greater technical understanding of product options available. We lost the bid...(well done Ferranti).

01/1975 to 01/1987
Avionic Engineering Technician
Royal Air Force

12 years service in the Royal Air Force starting as an RAF Apprentice (126 Entry RAF Cosford). Serviced the avionic systems on the Phantom, Wessex, Nimrod & Tornado aircraft before migrating to the development of flight software for the Tornado Nav-Attack system. Spent 2.5 years at TISMT.

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