Work experience: 
Stress Engineer

-Linear and Non-Linear calculations using ANSYS (MAPDL), ANSYS Workbench, and MSC Nastran-Patran.

01/2012 to 01/2013
Stress Engineer
IPC Ingenieria - (Parla Consulting)

-Structural modeling using ANSYS Space Claim Direct Modeler.
-Mechanical simulations based on structural components and assemblies on board high speed vehicles by the finite element method using ANSYS V13.
-Linear static, modal, spectral and thermo-mechanical analyses. Screw checking and force reaction analysis.
-Design engineering using I-Deas Nx.

Thermal Engineer. Traineeship

-Thermal control analysis on satellites focused on power dissipation elements (antennas).
- Discrete thermal models generation and thermal analysis taking into account orbital conditions and thermal properties.
-Reduced thermal models generation for ESATAN-TMS use.
-Thermal and fluid dynamic analyses using IDEAS V12 Simulation Modules ( TMG & ESC).

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