Work experience: 
Sukhoi Civil Aircraft

In the frame of the Superjet Program:

Communication link between Sukhoi (executive leaders, engineering, procurement), international suppliers, and aviation authorities (Russian authorities, EASA, FAA).

Assistance in establishing customer relationships between the partners of the Superjet 100 and top management of Aeroflot Russian Airlines;

Focused technical and engineering reviews with suppliers:
- On-site audits of supplier’s quality system and special processes, making sure supplier maintains quality certification status, review of supplier’s internal procedures of supply chain management, record of findings and corrective actions to eliminate recurrence;
- Witnessing tests, test sites, and test setups; ensuring structural integrity of test specimens after limit load tests; examination of fractured test specimens after ultimate load tests;
- FHA, fault tree analysis; System Safety Assessment, PDR, CDR, FAI; progress to type certification of supplier’s product; ensuring on time deliveries of all assigned tasks and milestones;
- Hardware/software development, change of software versions, discussion of software test results;
- Sessions of MSG-3 analysis (development of scheduled maintenance program) of all aircraft systems, power plant, airframe structure, and Ligntning/HIRF protection, with participation of the manufacturer (Sukhoi), suppliers, airlines, maintenance/repair organizations, and aviation authorities;
- Progress of flight tests: discussion of the scope of telemetry data and onboard measurement equipment, flight limitations for test aircraft.

Written translation and localization:
Design documents, maintenance procedures and manuals, EASA/FAA regulations as well as other technical, commercial, IT, legal, and financial papers.

01/2001 to 01/2006
Scientific Research Institute for Atmospheric Optics

Translator and interpreter between Russian and English:
- Written translation of scientific monographs, doctoral theses, and articles, many of which were published in international scientific journals;
- Synchronous interpreting at conferences held by the Institute
in the following subject domains:
- Atmospheric physics – optics and spectroscopy: calculation of atmospheric physical characteristics by means of spectral data;
- Mathematic modeling of atmospheric processes: the use of a mesoscale model for computer-based simulation of different atmospheric conditions (urban, marine) and numerical weather prediction;
- Lasers: propagation of laser radiation in the atmosphere, techniques of using lasers for practical purposes (for example, detection of oil spills on the sea surface).

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