Work experience: 
Mechanical Engineer

Responsible for the mechnical equipment for the development of a new laboratory:
- contact with the supplier (inquiries)
- technical clarification
- approval of the drawing

Research and Development Engineer


• To optimize the air pressure drop along the air path of a helicopter starter generator.
• To calculate, design and optimize an air fan for this machine.
• To compare the numerical simulation to tests


• Using free software (code Salome and LSprepost for the pre-processing, Gmesh for the meshing and code Saturne for the calculation), I had to calculate the pressure drop
• Starting from the machine’s predefined geometry, I then changed this geometry in order to decrease the pressure drop
• Calculation of the convection flux in the machine in order to obtain the air flow needed to cool down the system
• Design of the air fan with its static and mobile blades, necessary to cool down this machine
• Calculation and optimisation of the air fan with Star CCM+

Technical expertise:

• Air fan, starter generator machine
• Word, Excel
• Code Saturne, code Salome, Gmesh, Ls prepost
• Star CCM+

01/2012 to 01/2013
Product Engineer


• product owner of the anti-icing system at the inlet of the gas turbine
- Design collaboration with the supplier
- Solving problems related to this system
- its control
• Product development : air filtration and exchanger
• Review and updating of documents

01/2011 to 01/2012
Calculation Engineer
Altran France

Projects in technical assistance for energy industries:
First mission with Altran at Alstom power:


• Equipment calculation for coal power plant (working on projects) in order to fulfil the company, the client and the country standards,
• Writing of calculation notes to summarize the work for other departments.


• Following the equipment calculation for the Narva project (2x300 MW CFB power plant) : calculation and design of:
o Piping in order not to be in over speed and not to have too much pressure drop
o Pumps: stationary and transient studies in order to avoid cavitation
o Valves
o Synthesis of data between different departments for the flue gas
o The flue gas stack design
• Pumps calculation for the Sostanj project
• Estimation of the Drax project stack
• Preliminary calculation on Jeddah South project

Technical expertise:

• Circulating fluidised bed power plant
• Calculation with Alstom in-house software for the pressure drop calculation, pumps, valves, stacks and piping design.

Final year paid internship

Subject: Modelling and numerical calculation of two-phase flow in a solid propellant motor


• Research of phenomena acting on aluminium particles close to the limit of combustion.
• Creation of a model taking into account the major phenomena
• Comparison with the Cedre calculation and adding of a new law in Cedre to take into consideration what is happening near the limit of combustion


• Creation of a new near-wall modelling law

Technical expertise:

• Operating system : Windows
• Programming in Fortran
• Uses of the ONERA in-house software CEDRE

01/2010 to 01/2011
Final year project

Sunject: The transition to turbulence of purely viscous shear-thinning fluid flow in a pipe


To explain why there was only 2 vortices in the entire pipe, using the 2D turbulent theory


• A theoretical explanation was obtained
• A partial experimental characterisation

Technical expertise:

• Tools of calculation: Matlab, Excel
• Experimentation: LDA (Laser Doppler Anemometry)

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