Work experience: 
Mobile Application Developer
Associate Research Scientist
Information Technology and Services
Odessa Astronomical Observatory

Indirect imaging, Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics, accretion research

01/2012 to 01/2013
Android/Java developer
HYS Enterprise

Develop programs in Java for Android platform and Java EE applications.

01/2011 to 01/2012
Developer, Analyst
Computer Software
Rasa Shoes Company

Develop programs in Java for Android platform. Automation of retail and warehouse business processes. Analyse sales and prices.

01/2010 to 01/2011
Acting head of IT-department, developer
Rasa Shoes Company

Management, develop programs in Java to automate business processes.

01/2003 to 01/2010
Developer, Analyst
Computer Software
Rasa shoes company

Develop programs in Java, Delphi, 1S to automate business processes. Making software for CRM and ERP systems. Analyse sales and prices.

01/1999 to 01/2010
Associate professor
Information Technology and Services
Department of Astronomy and Geo-information technologies, Odessa I.I.Mechnikov university.

Lectures on astrophysics, MHD, programming, data processing and GIS systems. Develop programs in Java and Delphi to automate observations processing, physical processes modelling.

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