Work experience: 
Army Officer (Colonel)
01/2010 to 01/2014
Chief Aircraft Engineer (Army)
Defense & Space

Responsible for Assurance of Army Aviation airworthiness engineering assurance for CGS as Senior Duty Holder (incl TechEval of all units), and training requirements authority, plus development of REME Aviation engineering policy and head of profession for Army AEOs, artificers and technicians.

01/2009 to 01/2010
AD Support
MoD DE&S Apache Project Team

I headed up the military engineering and logistic support team for the Apache helicopter, working in the AW factory in Yeovil. I was the Engineering Authority approving all modifications to the platform and oversaw the IOS support contract for depth maintenance and logistic support.

01/2007 to 01/2009
Directing Staff Advanced Staff & Command Course
Higher Education
Cranfield University / UK Defence Academy

Syndicate Instructor on ACSC and TACSC.
Divisional XO and SO1 International.

01/2004 to 01/2007
Commanding Officer
101 Battalion REME

I commanded a TA REME Battalion of over 300 soldiers, with companies based in Scotland, Manchester, Coventry and North Wales.

01/2002 to 01/2004
SO1 Lynx Support Authority
Defence Logistics Organisation

Engineering Support Authority for all marks Army and RN Lynx helicopters. Preparation and deployment of aircraft for Op TELIC 1, incl desert UORs. £50M pa budget for spares, repairs and mods.
Chairman international Lynx MOU Logistic Support Committee.

01/2000 to 01/2002
Requirements Manager CR2
Defenece Logistics Organisation

Requirements Manager for CR2, WR and CVR(T).
Established requirements for Op TELIC desertisation/up-armouring of CR2.

01/1995 to 01/1998
OC Wksp
1 Regt AAC

Command of 1 Regt AAC Wksp: 130 personnel, 16 Lynx Mk7 and 15 Gazelle aircraft, incl 6 months on IFOR deployment to Bosnia.

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