Work experience: 
01/2011 to 09/2014
Contract Operations Manager
Full time
Serco Nederland BV

Responsible for operational management of Serco's manpower support contacts with its major client the European Space Agency (ESA). These contracts encompassed ~120 client-based employees in technical and administrative roles across two ESA sites in Europe. Tasked with interfacing with client on contractual matters from individual employee level through to contract-wide issues; management of employee employment matters e.g. inductions, reviews, training, career development,etc.; financial budgeting & reporting; and business development/recruitment/bid support.

01/2008 to 01/2011
Contract Manager
Serco Nederland BV

Responsible for management of Serco's largest single manpower support contract with ESA’s Directorate Technical & Quality Management encompassing ~50+ client-based employees. Tasks included: o Responding to customer manpower requests across varied specialised technical domains, as well as supporting administrative functions, with candidate identification, selection, interview, negotiation, and proposal; o Management of employment matters for on-site employees - annual reviews, training, etc.. o Financial planning of contract. o Interfacing with customer from local technical management to contractual interfaces.

01/1996 to 01/2008
Senior Software Engineer and Co-Founder
Defense & Space
silicon worlds S.A.

Co-founder of technology focussed company to commercialise and further develop activities begun within ESA in the areas of novel applications of simulation and visualisation technologies. The company built-up an established client list across space industry agencies and companies, media, major aerospace exhibitions, museums with its expertise for presenting technical subjects to wider audiences. My role was Senior Software Engineer assigned to the European Space Agency with expertise in the areas of real-time system simulation, on-board software validation, and 3D graphics/virtual reality in support of ESA project development, R&D, and standardisation activities, Outside client-based activities, also supported company marketing and promotion.

01/1989 to 01/1995
Software Engineer
Defense & Space

Software Engineer assigned to the European Space Agency in the Modelling & Simulation Section. Responsible for support to ESA projects on simulation matters, internal software prototyping & research developments, consultant on R&D projects, and maintaining the Simulation Laboratory infrastructure.

01/1984 to 01/1989
Software Engineer
Information Technology and Services
Logica Space & Defence Systems Ltd.

Software Engineer working on various projects in space and defence field for such clients as British Aerospace, EUTELSAT, INMARSAT, MBB-ERNO (later EADS/Astrium), and ESA. Main specialities were databases, real-time systems, and satellite radio interference analysis.

10/2014 to 12/2015
Senior Project Manager
Full time
SSBV Space & Ground Systems BV

Project manager of two key projects in support of ESA’s European Data Relay System (EDRS) “space data highway”project:
 Data Termination Equipment (EDTE)
 Data Consolidation & Storage Unit (DCSU)
The EDTE is a key ground station element for the reception, demodulation, decoding, and error-correction of high-rate user data (1.8Gbps). The DCSU is an additional ground station element to further process, store, and disseminate this huge volume of satellite data to end-users with the ESA Sentinel satellites being the first customer. A key feature is the consolidation of data between multiple ground stations to provide very high data availability to end users. Both systems require custom hardware, firmware, and software development.

Main tasks:
 Client communication and reporting.
 Project team coordination and task assignment.
 Coordination of procurements for and production of serial units.
 Subcontractor management
 PA tasks such as leading reviews e.g. TRR, TRB, MRB’s, NCR tracking, RFW/RFD processing
 Support to internal ISO9001 activities.

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