Work experience: 
Nozzle design engineer
Aviation & Aerospace

Technical responsible for solid, hybrid, liquid and military rockets nozzles

Followed design process of SRMs subcomponents (nozzles and chambers wall design on VEGA launcher stages, ablative chambers in liquid propulsion systems) from feasibility to qualification phases actively contributing to:

-          definition (CAD support, structural, thermal & ablative calculations on high temperature composite, ceramic and metallic materials)

-          testing (strength and stiffness tests, vibration tests, firing tests, material characterization tests)

-          technical documentation (technical & acceptance specifications, test plan & report, technical notes, justification report, statement of work, research proposals, etc.)

-          intermediate and final reviews

-          manufacturing support and RNC resolution

-          MRB with customers

Involved in materials research programs (composites for high temperatures, ultra high temperature ceramics), innovative technologies research programs (composites manufacturing), hybrid and liquid propulsion programs for spacecraft propulsion applications.

Obtained Green Belt certification of 6 Sigma Methodology within project of processes quality optimisation

Knowledge of ECSS space management rules


01/2004 to 01/2005
Turbomachinery performance analyst
Aviation & Aerospace
GE Oil & Gas

Technical analyst of gas turbines performance Carried out performance and sensitivity analysis of gas turbines Followed bench testing phase of turbines for ground applications (electricity generation) Took part to Edison program within GE training project Passed training corse on 6 Sigma Methodology for processes quality optimisation

01/2003 to 01/2004
Technical Analyst
Aviation & Aerospace

Technical analyst of fuel system for A-109, AB-139 helicopters Followed qualification process of AW109 and AW139 helicopters fuel systems. Technical documentation and analysis of experimental data. Knowledge of JAR/FAR aeronautical rules

Defense & Space

Development of laurea thesis: “Feasibility of thermal models reduction” with applications on heat radiators on satellites. Work developed in collaboration with prof. P. Gaudenzi (University La Sapienza, Rome) and Department for Thermal Analysis and Life Support in ESA-ESTEC, Noordwijk, The Netherlands

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