Work experience: 
01/2010 to 01/2014
Surveyor/Topographer/Geomatic/Estimator/Technical Office/CAD Designer/Project Building
Civil Engineering
Mayor of Graniti, Dott. Ing. Marcello D'Amore (cell. +39 333 22 95 469)

Techniques applied to the management of the Technical Office and in particular to Structural and Architectural Design with various software: AUTOCAD LT-3D, ARCHICAD, ARTLANTIS, REVIT. Execution of Surveys with Topographic instruments (Steel Taper, Electronic device, Theodolite GPS). Survey of lands and existing buildings and then elaboration, for realization of Digital Maps and Planimetric Plans, Sections, Elevations or 3D’s Models and Renderings. Design of civil works. Execution of Technical Drawings with Structural details. Production of all certificates for the realization of new civil buildings, accounting work, direction of the construction site of some Family Houses. Realization of the certificates of Efficiency Energy, EPC. Calculations with GIS program and Antisesmic new system. Techniques of operation of the Offices of the Italian Territory regarding both the Land Cadastre and the Urban Cadastre, practices of Succession with Complaints about Volture in the Land Registry. Making Accounting jobs and Estimates with the constant use of the Microsoft Office package. Continued Collaboration.

Director of Public Construction
Civil Engineering
City of Castelmola, Capo Ufficio Tecnico Geom. Giorgio Gullotta (cell. +39 328 53 25 007)

Direction Construction and restauration of a Big Road around the mountain of City di Castelmola, Asphalt, wells intercept water, retaining walls in c.a, walls, canals, gabions and various other works on the road, Direction of the team (n°15 Stage-Workers), Coordinator of the Health and Safety, Project Coordinator and the Responsability of the Accounting works. Through this experience I realized what it means to be responsible for a team of workers, I searched and found my criterion on how to organize the work . In this experience, I conceived my figure is the pillar of the system; Specialized training, programming organized, decisions, communication skills, power to ally the brains of the team, the spirit of resourcefulness, firmness and tenacity are essential to the achievement of specific objectives and resolution of problems.

01/2010 to 01/2011
Civil Engineering
Ex Mayor of Giardini Naxos, Dott. Arch. Salvatore Giglio, (cell. +39 340 78 11 721)

Inserting, first practice and continued collaboration.

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