Work experience: 
Indoor RF Planning and Design Engineer
NETPLAN, Telecomunicações e Energia Sa

The main purpose is to study and develop the best possible solutions for TMN 2G/3G network indoor coverage. This process is made through:
- Onsite surveys (2G/3G Walk tests and identify the specific problems in order to define the best possible solutions). Through the onsite survey, collect all important data (TEMS Investigation) to be analysed.
- Indoor solution report. To build an indoor solution report, all collected data must be analysed (TEMS Investigation, Mapinfo) in order to design an indoor Distributed Antenna System (DAS) with a well-balanced RF link budget according to the available vendor equipment (Andrew, Coiler, Genton, Penson, Powerwave, etc).
- Re-engineering, maintenance and verification of all equipment and the reliability of the implemented solution during/after installation (optimization of previously built solutions is required, either by costumer needs (UMTS technology in a GSM only solution) or by Outdoor site changes or even by faulty equipment.).

Tools used:
- TEMS Investigation Data Collection;
- Mapinfo;
- TEMS Transmitter.

Huawei Radio Network Planning and Optimization Engineer

Planning and dimensioning of new sites, site surveys & frequency planning throughout Lisbon area of 2G/3G/4G TMN network. Constant monitoring of determined KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) was needed, such as:
- Traffic;
- CDR (Call Drop Rate);
- CSSR (Call Setup Success Rate);
- SDCCH and PDCH Congestion.

Through data analysis, some network changes were almost mandatory to maintain all network KPIs below the designated treshold. Complying with this, we could obtain a fast, reliable and well-balanced network with benefits for the final costumers.
Also, LTE validation drive tests were done in some previously optimized Lisbon clusters.
- Jan. 2012 - Jul. 2012: working with huawei team;
- Jul. 2012 - Nov. 2012: working directly with costumer.

Tools used:
- TMN specific tools;
- Huawei tools (M2000, PRS, Nastar);
- TEMS Investigation Data Collection;
- Mapinfo.

NSN Integration/Swap G-NIC Engineer
Nokia Siemens Networks

Concerning the Swap (Telia Sonera Denmark 2G/3G project), for each site the procedure consists in:
1) receive a field engineer (FE) call from the site, to start the swap by checking any existing alarms in Ericsson (E///) BTS, shut down the E/// BTS and request to Telia a transmission swap from E/// to Nokia;
2) this next step consists in making a transmission verification with the FE by making sure that the connection is working (troubleshoot needed) on Nokia side;
3) remove Ericsson BTS (BTS, transmission and neighbour relations (troubleshoot needed)) and create new neighbour relations (troubleshoot needed) in Ericsson OSS;
4) once the FE made all the installation on site, we receive a call to put all the site (BCF, BTSs, TRXs) on air (troubleshoot needed), so he can perform voice and data calls with the new neighbours relations already working.
5) At this time, when the GSM is working and if it is needed, an UMTS 900 integration is also finished (the preparation is made by G-NIC India so we only need to deploy licenses and unlock the cells for a few seconds)
6) Finally, if the site is alarm free, one last test for the site external alarms is made.

I’ve also worked in re-homings with T-Mobile Croatia.

Tools used:
- NSN NetAct (MML sessions through Putty and Hit, Top Level User Interface, Network Editor, CM Operations Manager, CM Editor, License Manager;
- Citrix: Ericsson OSS;
- Cronos;
- IPM (fill up all the milestones requested for the site integration).

NSN Radio Network Planning and Optimization Engineer

At TMN I’ve worked at a project of Planning and Outdoor Optimization. The project mainly consisted in planning, monitoring, managing and optimizing the TMN 2G/3G network in South Lisbon area. Among other things, the main purpose was to always keep track of the KPIs, namely CDR (Call drop rate), HDR (Handover rate) and congestion as the most important ones.

Tools used:
- TMN specific tools;
- TEMS Investigation 8.0.4 Data Collection and Mapinfo 6.5.

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