Work experience: 
01/2013 to 01/2014
Central Accounts Manager
Facilities Services
Speedy Services


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Worked at Speedy Services as a Central Account Manager, Working as part of a services oriented organsation providing equipment and services to the construction industry, engineering sectors, infrastructure projects. Currently concentrating on bringing back lapsed customers, relationship building, cross selling, up selling, problems solving and resolution of customer service issues, and growing revenue via customer interaction.

01/2010 to 01/2013
Business Development Manager
Aviation & Aerospace
Wilsons Metals
01/2006 to 01/2010
Contract Manager
Aviation & Aerospace
ThyssenKrupp Aerospace

Managed Aerospace raw material contracts for: Spirit Aerosystems and BAE Systems. Also included domestics and Foreign contracts to include supply of raw materials to a Hawker Beechcraft subcontractor (PZL in Mielec Poland). Also provided Adhoc sales quotations to domestic and foreign customers.

01/2005 to 01/2009
Contract Manager
Business Supplies and Equipment
Apollo Metals
01/1985 to 01/1996
Aerospace Sales and Contract management
Aviation & Aerospace
Aluminium Supply Aerospace

Worked in Aerospace metal sales, progressing to contract management and project management roles. Customers included BAE Sytems, Airbus, Spirit Aerosystems. While I was there the company was owned by: Alcan, British Aluminium, Luxfer Group, Alcoa and ThyssenKrupp which gave me expierience working for a diverse number of companies

01/1985 to 01/1995
Aircraft Maintenance Specialist
Defense & Space
United States Air Force

Worked on Boeing KC-135 Aircract as a flying crew chief with extensive travel. Stationed at KI Sawyer AFB MI, RAF Mildenhall UK, Andrews AirForce Base MD. Highlight of my career was working on the planes used by the President, Vice President, and Cabinet members

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