Work experience: 
F&DT Engineer
Aviation & Aerospace
Safran Engineering Services
01/2012 to 01/2013
Stress Engineer - F&DT
Mechanical or Industrial Engineering

F&DT calculation, drawings configuration, geometrical analysis, Full Scale Fatigue Test damages analysis, Test Coupon analysis, reporting.

• Extended Service Goal and WFD for Long Range (A330-A340), forward fuselage S13-S14-S14A:
o Longitudinal Joints
o Circumferential Joints
o Stringer Couplings
o Frame Couplings

01/2011 to 01/2012
Aerospace Engineer
Aviation & Aerospace
Aero Sekur SPA

R&D, Junior Structural Analyst/Simulation

Requirements review, FEM modelling, models checking, numerical analysis (static, modal, frequency response, random, shock, impact), post-processing, reporting.

• Intermediate eXperimental Vehicle, Thales Alenia Space Italia
• Exo Mars – Hepa filter, European Space Agency
• AW189 floatation system
• Airbag for Small Lander - European Space Agency

Aviation & Aerospace
Aero Sekur SPA

Development of Parachute Simulation Models (FSI) in LS-DYNA

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