Work experience: 
08/2009 to 02/2014
AOCS & Propulsion Department
Defense & Space
Full time

[2011 - 2014] Propulsion Engineer, Responsible for the SAOCOM Propulsion Subsystem. Works:
• Design, fabrication & integration of SAOCOM structural model propulsion subsystem;
• Detailed engineering for SAOCOM flight model propulsion subsystem;
• Fabrication & integration of SAOCOM flight model propulsion subsystem;

SAC-D Project – NASA Aquarius Mission. Propulsion Engineer; support in functional and aliveness tests performed over the satellite’s flight model propulsion subsystem.

Arsat-1 Project – Geostationary Satellite. Worked in the following areas:
• Propulsion Subsystem. Support in propulsion Engineering.
• AOCS Subsystem. Testing Engineer; Design, implementation and execution of tests for validating the satellite’s control system.SAOCOM Project.

[2009 - 2011] Star Tracker Project (R&D). Optics Engineer, responsible for the Star Tracker optical subsystem and assembly. Works:
• Adjustments in design, fabrication and qualification of Star Tracker for geostationary orbit;
• Analysis and re-design of Star Tracker lens for use with last generation CMOS APS sensor;

08/2008 to 06/2009
Cavitation & Biotechnology Laboratory
Project work / diploma
Atomic Centre Bariloche - CNEA

• “Optimization of phacoemulsification through technological innovations” (Final thesis project)
• “Use of ultrasonic techniques for cataract surgery: parameters optimization”

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