Work experience: 
Technical Manager Mechanical Testing
Aviation & Aerospace
Full time
European Test Services B.V.

Duties Responsible for the technical management, organization, maintenance and operation for the ESA facilities.I directly assign and manage the team to perform any testing and setup activity related to the following facilities:- Large European Acoustic Facility (LEAF)- Electrodynamics Shaker Systems o Vertical Vibration System (QUAD - 4x 160kN shaker) o 80 kN Shaker Vibration System (VIB80) o Multi Shaker Vibration System (MSH - 2x 160kN shaker)- Hydraulic Vibration System (HYDRA)- Shock test bench- Mass Properties facilities o M80/MPMA - Moment of Inertia Machine o WM 50/6 - Combined Centre of Gravity & Moment of Inertia Machine o E5 - Dynamic Balancing Machine o M1 - Moment of Inertia, Oscillating Table o M2 - Moment of Inertia, Oscillating Table o WR12 - Centre of Gravity Machine

01/2008 to 01/2013
Mechanical Test Engineer
Aviation & Aerospace

Mechanical Test Facilities Engineer at Assembly Integration and Testing Centre.Galileo IOV - Mechanical EV CoordinatorSentinel 3 - Platform Mass Properties Test Coordinator O3B - Mechanical Test CoordinatorMultishaker Facility - System EngineerMain duties and responsibilities: - Mechanical Test definitions with applicable and relevant documentation o Test plans o Test facility requirements o Test Procedures o Technical Notes o Test reports o Operative Procedures - Technical Interface to both external and internal customer and supplier - Environmental Test Execution both at Satellite and Subsystems levels o Vibrations ­ Sine/Random/Shock/Transient Capture o Acoustic o Mass Properties - Support to manage and organize operative schedule and resources - Support to manage and organize test areas - Finite elements model analysis to support R&D projects. - Support to investments and relevant analysis - Support to Satellite Engineering Team in Test Data evaluating and analysis

Student in Programming Class
Information Technology and Services
Accenture Technology Solutions - Articolo1

Programming course (320 Hr):CJAVASqLFORMATEMP certification

01/2007 to 01/2008
Life Science Specialist
Defense & Space
Crisel Instruments

Technical/Commercial Engineer with main responsibilities in project, install and sell optical system dedicated to electrophysiology and scientific level imaging in biological research.

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