Work experience: 
Subcontractor Manager
Defense & Space
OHB System

Subcontractor Manager, responsible for all the procurement activities related to the space qualified (FM - Flight Model) electronic equipments for the satellites (some tens of M€).On-going main projects: SGEO, EDRS-C satellite & relative Artes 11.3, end user the European Space Agency (ESA), MTG (Meteosat Third Generation) satellite, end user the European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites (EUMETSAT) in cooperation with the European Space Agency (ESA) and EnMAP satellite, end user the German Space Agency (DLR).Support in the proposals for : Electra and H2-SATProcurement responsible for the following units:SMU/OBDH (Satellite Management Unit/On Board Data Handling/PC of the satellite), PMU (Payload Management Unit), DDU (Data Distribution Unit) and battery.

01/2008 to 01/2011
EEE parts Procurement Manager/ Technical Buyer / Hardware Designer
Aviation & Aerospace
CGS SpA an OHB AG company (former Carlo Gavazzi Space)

Duties:As EEE Procurement Manager (about 2 M€) in the frame of the project : EnMAP satellite, end user the German Space Agency (DLR), in charge of all the procurement activities from the research of the suppliers up to issue of the purchase orders and license requests to the USA Department of State (ITAR). In support also to the product assurance manager for the collection of data for the quality management and to the engineering department for finding out alternative solutions in case of obsolescences or long lead time. In charge of the procurement reporting to the upper level management up to the delivery.As Hardware Designer / Technical Buyer / Assistant to the Project Manager Responsible for the electronic design of the signal conditioning and relative analyses (WCA, PSA) for INCAS (INnovative Contacless Angular Sensor), an R&D project for an innovative angular sensor using hall effect technology (in the frame of Artes.5.2 Program), end user the European Space Agency (ESA). Paper selected and published in ESMATS 2011 (European Space Mechanisms And Tribology Symposium) http://www.esmats.eu/esmatspapers/pastpapers/pdfs/2011/giacintonardone.p... designer of the motherboard and the HPC (High Priority Commands) board for the PC of the PRISMA project, satellite with end user the Italian Space Agency (ASI).Hardware designer of the FPGA for the GPS receiver board using VHDL programming language (in particular SPI bus and PCI bus for the configuration of the receiver) for GReS (a GPS/Galileo Receiver for Space Applications), an R&D project, end user the European Space Agency (ESA).As Junior System Engineer / AIT Engineer (1 year)Hardware designer of the electronic boards of acquisition, in charge of the test set-up and qualification tests campaign of the sensor ITI-CAS (Innovative Triangle Initiative - Contactless Angular Sensor), an R&D project, end user the European Space Agency (ESA).

01/2007 to 01/2008
Technical Employee
Aviation & Aerospace

SINTA s.r.l., (integration of automatic systems) in Milan (Itay), it imports robots from Japan for the industrial automation (cartesian axes, scara and anthropomorphic robots from one to six liberty degree) for two enterprises: EPSON and IAI.Duties:-) Sizing of the automatic systems; -) programming of controllers; -) installation of the robot; -) telephonic and in place assistance, maintenance and reparation (Customer Care Representative).

Stagier in IT consulting
Information Technology and Services

-) management of internal application software tool for ESA and Telecom Italia (use of java, J2EE, html, javascript, jsp).

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