Vacancy Technical Expert (NATO Trust Fund Project)

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Sapienza Consulting is recruiting a Technical Expert to support the NATO Trust Fund project in Armenia within the Partnership for Peace Office. The consultant will serve in an advisory and technical capacity. He/She will have experience in inspection related with the Conventional Armed Forces in Europe (CFE).

  • Collection and recording of project data
  • Assurance and audit of project activities and performance
  • Attendance, participation and representation at project meetings
  • Checking and scrutinising supplied documentation and invoices
  • Investigation of exceptions, occurrences and incidents
  • Providing periodic written reports on supervisor activity to NSPA
  • Providing periodic written reports on project activity to NSPA
  • Monitoring awarded contracts to ensure delivery of requirements
  • Liaising with national and international authorities in Armenia as appropriate
  • Providing visitor assistance to NSPA and agreed other project personnel
  • Planning and monitoring project public relations activities
  • Translating documents between Armenian and English as required
  • Maintaining a project diary (record of events)
  • Other duties as required by the Project Manager
  • Delegated targets and objectives from the NSPA Project Manager located in Luxembourg
  • If required, undertaking deployments, including duty travel, in direct support of NAC-approved operations/missions
  • Performing other related functions as required in peacetime and any other appropriate functions assigned in times of crisis or war
  • In the event of crisis or war the consultant will, subject to the agreement of his/her national authorities, remain in the service of the Agency
  • Ensure all project reports and records are submitted/maintained in accordance with the NSPA PfP Project Office Starter’s Guide
  • Providing the local competence and expertise oversight
  • Consultation and advising on CFE related issues as well as MRE / ERW
  • Recording, photographing and data recording all necessary technical details
  • Completing all required project documentation
  • Maintaining project data base and records
  • Performance reporting of the project contract
  • Participation in Quality Management meetings
  • Monitoring and checking of product outputs
  • Checking and certification of raised invoices
  • Liaising with MoD and other related Ministries, Directorates and their Staff Officers
  • Maintaining a list and liaising with NATO and international Points of Contact
  • NSPA Representation and Participation in Project Steering Committee meetings
  • Planning and monitoring public relations activities associated with the project
Ideal Candidate: 
  • University degree in Science.
  • Not less than 5 years experience in inspection related with Conventional Armed Forces in Europe (CFE) Treaty.
  • Knowledge of waste management processes.
  • Information Systems and MS Office user.
  • Valid category “B” driving license.
  • Passport with ability to obtain travel visa.
  • A “NATO SECRET” security clearance.
  • Desirable:
    • Knowledge about Mine Risk Education/Explosive Remnant of War training.
    • Not less than 5 years experience in Project Management.
    • Knowledge of ISO 9001 and 14001 Management Systems
  • Fluent in English; working knowledge of Armenian is a great asset
  • Candidates must be eligible to work in the EU.
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