SMOS and STSE Scientific Consultant

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For STSE (Support to Science Element)

  • Preparation of SoW and implementation of SMOS Ice II;
  • Support to preparation and implementation of SMOS+ Permafrost (CCN);
  • SMOS+ NN (3 month CCN).
  • Preparation of SoW for SMOS+ Storms follow-on (TO: DF);
  • Support SOLAS (OceanFlux Upwelling) follow on activity;
  • Support management of relevant (ocean/SMOS related) STSE Pathfinders (2/3 small feasibilities).
  • Complete SMOS T/S diagrams internal project;
  • Maintain support to SMOS water cycle internal project;
  • Complete SMOS SVR internal project.
  • Maintain the coordination of projects and activities for The Changing Earth SciNET;
  • Support to the preparation of the next call for proposals in collaboration with CCI for The Changing Earth SciNET;
  • Prepare new Springer Briefs volume dedicated to the second call for The Changing Earth SciNET ;
  • Prepare updated brochure for the three calls;
  • Update the web with the The Changing Earth SciNET results and the new projects.
Ideal Candidate: 
  • Support the scientific exploitation studies for the SMOS mission. This includes the contract with ECMWF on data assimilation.
  • Support the preparation of SMOS publications and presentations.
  • Support the implementation of new scientific studies related to the SMOS mission.
  • Support the analysis of SVRT results obtained over oceans and Dome-C.
  • Support future work on the SMOS L2 ocean salinity processor.
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