Security Satcom Engineer

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The European Space Agency is ATGs biggest client. They are an international organisation with 22 member states with sites in the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, UK and Belgium. ESA is Europes gateway to Space!

The post holder will be the technical lead support for all security-related matters and programme preparation, including the ScyLight Programme, the EDRS/GlobeNet Phase C/D/E1 Preparation, the ESA GovSatCom Precursor implementation, GOVSATCOM demonstration programme activities with EDA, support to EU GOVSATCOM preparations, IRIS for air traffic management, and as required security aspects of 5G.The deadline for submitting your application is on 12th of February.

  • End-to-End Telecom and SatCom Network and Cyber-Security;
  • Secure hosted payload concepts and Secure TTC links;
  • Security Accreditation and certification processes;
  • Cryptography;
  • Spread Spectrum;
  • Data Link Security;
  • Cryptographic Processors;
  • Secure Key Distribution and Management Concepts including Quantum Cryptography Technologies and Key Distribution;
  • Security-related aspects of Air Traffic Management Systems, including space-based ones;
  • Physical and information security of the programmes and activities;
  • Security System engineering (requirements phase, implementation and validation/ certification stage);
  • Support to the security certification and accreditation process (definition, follow-up of implementation);
  • Specific engineering support to space projects developed by ESA and/or by major European industries/operators, including in cooperation with EU institutions and including handling of classified information;
  • Design, implementation and testing tasks for technological projects;
  • Validation of designs by means of analyses, simulations, laboratory testing and field trials (possibly in co-operation with third parties);
  • Assistance in preparation of invitation to tenders related to ESA RD and implementation activities and contracts technical follow-up;
  • Cyber-threat model characterization (identify explore attacks that are able to compromise an end-to-end network), Vulnerability analysis, Risks analysis and mitigation plan.
Ideal Candidate: 
  • Masters degree in telecommunications engineering and/or computer science;
  • At least 4 years of experience in security system engineering, including cryptography;
  • Security Clearance granted by an ESA Member State, valid or previous;
  • Specific experience in security certification and accreditation processes cyber-security, system threat analysis and security testing and validation tools;
  • Internet, secure IP and applications/networking technologies;
  • Fluent in English;
  • Familiarity with modern networking simulation tools;
  • Knowledge in Quantum Cryptography technologies;
  • Familiarity with TTC transmission techniques together with the main related CCSDS standards;
  • Familiarity with state-of-the art security concepts (security for Information Centric network, Blockchain etc);
  • Knowledge of an additional member state language would be a strong asset.
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