Satellite Simulator Software Engineer (m/f)

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    The work covers the support to routine operations for existing missions (e.g. EPS and MSG), coming missions such as Copernicus Sentinel-3 and other future missions such as Meteosat Third Generation (MTG), JASON-CS and EPS Second Generation (EPSSG).

    The successful candidate will provide his/her prime support to the evolution and maintenance of the
    EUMETSAT Spacecraft Simulators in general and in particular to SIMULUS® based simulators.
    The tasks will typically include:

  • Maintenance and Evolution Activities
    - Preventive and corrective maintenance: including the investigation and correction (or following the corrections implemented by external contractors) of anomalies in the software facilities and verification testing of the fixes
    - Evolutions and changes: generation and/or analysis of user-driven and maintenance-driven software requirements, software design of the technical solutions, following the procurement of the changes with external contractors and verification testing of the changes
    - Maintenance test procedures: generation and updates of maintenance test procedures at software facility level and at system level
    - Support and development of the verification infrastructure: development and/or procurement of scripts / tools to perform installation checks, non-regression, functional and performance testing. Analysis and implementation of mechanisms or tools allowing the automatic or semi-automatic verification testing of the application software
    - Coordination of the production of new software releases or patches, delivery acceptance and installation on-site. This activity includes the technical coordination of the production by an external contractor of new releases or patches of the application software, liaison with the EUMETSAT operational users, participation to technical
    reviews, participation to in-factory (at contractor premises) acceptance testing campaigns and coordination of the installation of the releases or patches on-site at EUMETSAT
    - Execution and coordination of software verification and non-regression testing campaigns. This activity includes preparation of test data, running the test procedures on the target system, generation of test reports, analysis of results and troubleshooting of problems
  • User Support
    - Software support: software support to the end-users of the application software
    - Ensure operations continuity: by provision of on-call services and software support to operations
    - Training: prepare and provide training covering system-usage and maintenance aspects of the mission control systems
  • Technical Management
    - Documentation: generation and updates of technical documents
    - Meeting participation: participation to technical, progress and team meetings as needed and requested
    - Routine reporting: preparation and production of routine reports as necessary
    - Contractor management at technical level: acting as point of contact with the contractor for technical discussions, organizing periodical technical meetings with the contractor
    - Critical review of industry provided requirements and design definition related to existing and/or future simulators spacecraft models and simulator infrastructure components
  • Software engineering framework support
    - Analysis activities focused on a common software engineering framework for the GSI Mission Control Applications and Tools Team
    - Development of tools implementing this software engineering framework
Ideal Candidate: 

Essential requirements:

    In addition to having a University degree in a relevant engineering discipline, the key person
    shall demonstrate significant knowledge and experience in the area of simulator software
    maintenance, evolution and testing as well as space segment requirements and design with
    the following mandatory areas:
  • Domain Skills
    - Experience (minimum 3 years) in software maintenance and evolution of Spacecraft Simulators based on SIMULUS® software suite from ESA/ESOC. In particular, experience in all the following SIMULUS® components is considered mandatory: SIMSAT, Ground Models, Generic Models, REFA, Emulator Suite and tailoring,
    - Experience (minimum 3 years) in the definition and design of SMP2 compliant software models of spacecraft service platform subsystems
    - Knowledge and understanding of space related standards (ECSS and CCSDS) with
    specific reference to ECSS-E-70-41A (TM and TC packet utilization)
  • Software Development & Maintenance Skills
    - Experience (minimum 3 years) in the full cycle of development of application software for SIMULUS® based simulator, following formal software engineering processes. This includes system requirement analysis, software requirement engineering, software design and implementation reflecting maintenance activities as well as new applications definition.
    - Experience (minimum 3 years) in corrective maintenance, integration and verification testing activities of application software following formal software engineering processes. This includes requirement verification, generation of test plan and test procedures, non-regression testing, generation of test data, generation of test
    tools, running the test procedures on the target system, generation of test reports, and anomaly tracking, investigation, correction and testing
    - Experience in defining automatic testing suites at unit and components integration level
  • Software Engineering Skills
    - Experience (minimum 3 years) in developing and maintaining software applications using Java and C++ programming languages under UNIX operating systems and development and maintenance of javascript scripts (SIMULUS scripting technology)
    - Experience (minimum 3 years) in developing and maintaining software applications using object-oriented technologies, Unified Modelling Language (UML) for software design and CASE design tools like Magic Draw

    Desired requirements:

    • Domain Skills
      - Experience with MICONYS® ESOC components: SCOS-2000, NIS and SLE API
      - Experience on TM/TC front ends like CORTEX
      - Experience with software support to operations and in particular to TM/TC database and OBSW images import
    • System Maintenance Skills
      - Experience with technical management of contractors working at off-site premises and responsible for application software evolution and maintenance
    • Software Technology Skills
      - IBM DOORS requirement management tool
      - Experience in version Control Systems: CVS and SVN
      - Linux Operating System
      - Inter-process communication mechanisms, in particular TCP/IP and CORBA standards
      - XML processing: schema design and validation
      - Eclipse Rich Client Platform applications development and maintenance
      - Experience with static and dynamic software analysis tools in support to testing and troubleshooting

      Soft skills:

      • Work proactively in an individual or team environment, with the minimum of supervision
      • Cope with high workloads and be able to adapt to a rapidly-changing time-critical environment
      • Conduct activities in an orderly and disciplined manner
      • Confidence to coordinate and communicate activities with key stakeholders
      • Take ownership of problems through to effective resolution
      • Excellent verbal and written communications skills
      • Excellent presentation and training skills

      Other Information:

      • Fluency in English
      • Start date: as soon as possible
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