RF/Microwave Frontend Design Engineer

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Our client is an independent research organisation whose expertise and research make an important contribution to the competitiveness of companies and organisations, to the economy and to the quality of society as a whole. Innovation with purpose is what they stands for. With 3500 people we develop knowledge not for its own sake but for practical application. To create new products that make life more pleasant and valuable and help companies innovate. They work for a variety of customers: governments, the SME sector, large companies, service providers and non-governmental organisations.

You will be working in the Radar Technology department within the Technical Sciences field of expertise. The Radar Technology department is a leading RD partner in Europe in the field of radar technology and develops concepts and architectures commissioned by industrial partners (including leading global multinationals) and the government (Dutch Ministry of Defence, for instance). Experts from various fields converge in the department to shape the future RF sensor suites for a variety of applications, including radar, communications, navigation and ESM systems.

  • In the Radar Technology department we collaborate passionately on technological breakthroughs for the latest RF sensor systems. As RF / Microwave IC Designer youll be working on novel microwave ICs, typically in the frequency range of 1 GHZ to 40 GHz in GaAs, GaN and SiGe technology. Examples of circuits you will be contributing to include low noise amplifiers, high power amplifiers, microwave Rx/Tx switched, phase shifters, attenuators, vector modulators, I/Q mixers etc. The resulting MMIcs will be used for next generation radar systems, communication systems and scientific instrumentation.Your environment comprises radar and other system engineers, information theory experts, (embedded) software engineers, hardware developers and EM/antenna experts. Crucial for the next generation of systems are the highly integrated microwave, RF and mixed-signal ICs that will make these systems possible;
  • the research into these ICs is unique and one of the spearheads of the organization. The RF / microwave IC designers in the Radar Technology group are world-class designers, rated among the best in the world in the field of ICs for Phased-Array Antenna systems.
Ideal Candidate: 
  • A degree in Electrical Engineering, or other relevant discipline, and a further specialization in microwave design or telecommunications engineering;
  • Hands on experience with RF and Microwave Electronics design and PCB design;
  • Experienced in translating (sub)system specifications into a high level design (block diagram), detailed design (component selection and schematic), PCB layout, manufacturing (PCB and assembly);
  • Experience with RF PCB design technology is essential, preferably in Altium Designer or a comparable mid-range EDA tool;
  • Knowledge on a subset of the following simulation and data analysis tools is very welcome: Spice, ADS, Microwave Office, Cadence, HFSS, CST, FEKO, Matlab, Python;
  • Knowledge about measurement techniques and equipment (oscilloscopes, vector network analysers, spectrum analysers) is essential, and you dont mind using a soldering iron if needed;
  • Experience with testing the subsystem against the initial specifications;
  • Strong communication skills and fluency in English, spoken and written. Dutch is a plus.
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