Requirements Engineer (Rational DOORS)

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The system engineering activities of the EUMETSAT ground segments, for existing and future missions, are supported by several system engineering tools. This position is for the provision of service for requirements engineering using IBM Rational DOORS to the System Engineering and Project (SEP) Division, Ground Segment System Engineering (GSSE) Competence Area.

The Contractor will provide the service to a multi-disciplinary team within the GSSE Competence Area. The tasks to be carried out by the Contractor will be performed either in the EUMETSAT facilities in Darmstadt (e.g. for coaching, training, demonstration, requirements engineering) or at the Service Provider premises (for tasks which can be performed off-site). The nominal service is at 1.5 full time equivalent unit (FTE). It is expected that the ratio of on-site vs off-site activities is on average of the order of 40/60.

The contractor’s activities will be under the following two categories:

  • Services:The contractor will provide requirements engineering services regarding e.g. the analysis and elicitation of requirements including traceability and eventual verification activities; as well as first-line support, training and coaching for the usage of IBM Rational DOORS at EUMETSAT.
  • DOORS administrative service (e.g. user management);
  • DOORS usage service e.g. by coaching, provision of individual training, generation of examples and best practices transfer;
  • Generation of Word documents from DOORS using RPE (maintaining RPE specifications and templates);
  • Resolution of identified anomalies in DOORS; Anomalies are considered major when the impact on the tool / the users is such that no requirements engineering and / or verification management work can be performed. Anomalies are considered normal when the work can continue albeit using some workarounds; Anomalies are considered minor when the impact on the work is e.g. only of editorial nature;
  • Provision of general requirements engineering service, e.g. elicitation, analysis, specification, verification or management of requirements;
  • Writing assessment and review of requirements;
  • Assessment and updates of requirements allocation and traceability;
  • Contribution to the usage of DOORS for verification and validation management;

  • Deliveries:Based on a EUMETSAT maintained backlog, the contractor will implement feature requests described in a separate work package. Feature requests are expected to be implemented using DOORS built-in capabilities and the DOORS eXtension Language DXL (for feature requests directly related to DOORS), or other software languages as appropriate (for feature requests e.g. related to the integration with other tools, report generation etc.). Details will be agreed individually in the respective work packages.
  • Contribution to the production of DOORS extensions
  • Provision of DOORS customisation by implementation of DXL scripts, e.g. for automated impact analysis, metrics generation, import / export of external data, tool integration with other system engineering tools;
  • Contribution to the production of a requirements engineering guide (working practice for using DOORS in EUMETSAT projects);
Ideal Candidate: 

Essential requirements:
Knowledge and experience in the following areas is considered essential for the team of key persons providing the service:

  • Requirements Engineering and Systems Engineering, better if applied to the aerospace field and following ECSS standards;
  • Experience in Verification and Validation Management;
  • Training and coaching in the field of Requirements Engineering;
  • Administration of IBM Rational DOORS;
  • Design, development and maintenance of DXL scripts for DOORS;
  • Experience with RPE
  • Fluency in English

Desired requirements:

  • IREB CPRE certification or an INCOSE Systems Engineering certification;
  • Knowledge and/or experience with configuration control processes
  • Experience in Model Based System Engineering and related support tools, in particular CORE 9 and Enterprise Architect.

Other Information

  • Start date: as soon as possible
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