Radio Occultation Engineer

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We are looking for a MSc. or PhD. Radio Occultation Engineer to prepare and support the reprocessing of RO data from various missions. The work will include the scientific and statistical analysis of such data sets during the evolution of the (re-) processing software, and contribute to the refinement of retrieval algorithms for RO data especially in the lower troposphere.

The Engineering Activities include (but are not limited to) the following tasks:
• performing statistical analyses of RO data sets in comparison to other RO as well as NWP data;
• implementing, testing and documenting modifications to EUMETSAT’s existing RO Reference Processor;
• supporting reprocessing activities of multi-year RO data sets both technically and scientifically;
• performing validation activities for EUMETSAT’s reprocessed RO data sets;
• contributing to and/or writing reports, presentations and peer-reviewed papers presenting the results of these activities.
Ideal Candidate: 
Minimum qualifications
• Experience in RO and other remote sensing product validation methods;
• Knowledge of RO wave optics processing and/or simulation algorithms;
• Very good skills in a higher programming language, in particular Python using scientific (numpy, scipy) and plotting (matplotlib) packages;
• Good inter-personal skills in support of team work.

The following areas of expertise would be an advantage:
• Experience in the field of NWP or climate monitoring;
• Experience in scientific programming using other programming languages such as C/C++ or modern Fortran;
• Knowledge of R, SQL, and other Unix scripting languages;
• Knowledge about other aspects of RO data processing, e.g. Precise Orbit Determination.
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