Quality Assurance Engineer (m/f)

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This position is for two people to cover the provision of Quality Assurance service to the management, development and maintenance activities performed in the Technical and Scientific Support Department (TSS) Department. This service shall be provided by the Contractor with key persons highly experienced in the following areas/skills:
- Process Quality Assurance,
- Project Quality Assurance,
- Software Product Assurance,
- Software Engineering Process Assurance.
The tasks to be performed in the context of this service shall include the following, as and when assigned by the TSS QA staff members:

  • 1. Provide Process Quality Assurance service in the:
  • Definition and documentation of TSS Processes
  • Definition, gathering and analysis of process indicators, metrics and dashboards
  • Definition and performance of TSS process quality assessments (i.e. audits)
  • TSS process improvement analysis and actions implementation follow up
  • Establishment and follow up of the TSS Anomaly Management process implementation (including attendance to Anomaly Review Board meetings)
  • Provision of Quality Assurance training to TSS personnel.
  • 2. Provide Project Quality Assurance service for the Projects led by TSS in the:
  • Contribute to the preparation and execution of Project Reviews (System Requirements Review - SRR, Preliminary Design Review - PDR, Critical Design Review - CDR, TRR/TRBs, etc.)
  • Contribute to preparation and execution of Risks Review meetings, maintaining risk registers, following up mitigation actions, and producing report information
  • Quality Control during the Project execution phase and according the agreed baseline. Identification and management of the identified deviations
  • Definition and performance of TSS project quality assessments (audits)
  • 3. Provide Software Product Assurance service in the:
  • Definition and evolution of TSS Software Quality requirements, and analysis of related RFD/RFW
  • Configuration and use of the SW QA tools and including the analysis of the results
  • Capturing, processing and analysing software related data in order to generate useful metrics and indicators
  • Definition and analysis of software quality indicators, metrics and dashboards
  • Preparation and execution of Software related Delivery Review Boards and Incoming Inspections
  • 4. Provide Software Engineering Process service in the:
  • Definition and evolution of TSS reference development life cycles
  • Production and evolution of software engineering templates
Ideal Candidate: 

Essential requirements:

  • The key persons proposed to deal with Process and Project Quality related tasks (1, 2) shall have a University degree or equivalent in a technical subject and at least 3 years’ experience of a Process Assurance / Project Quality Assurance role.
  • The key persons proposed to deal with Software product and Software engineering related tasks (3, 4) shall have a University degree (minimum Bachelor) in Computer Science or a related technical field, complemented by at least 3 years of professional experience.
  • The following skills/experience are essential for the Contractor’s team:
  • Good knowledge of the ISO 9001 standard and solid experience of working in an environment where an ISO 9001-certified management system is used;
  • Sound knowledge of ECSS standards;
  • Experience in Coding Standards, with special focus on C/C++, Java and FORTRAN;
  • Good hands-on experience in QA processes definition, implementation, monitoring and control;
  • Good experience of performing QA audits and/or process assessments;
  • Good hands-on experience in risks management and lessons learned processes;
  • Knowledge of project management;
  • Experience in software development projects;
  • Hands-on experience in Software development methods and tools;
  • Analysis of data and generation of statistics related to Project Management (risks, actions, releases...) and SW development (bugs, SW metrics...);
  • Generation of metrics, indicators and dashboards, with focus on software quality and software development processes;
  • Good English communication skills (verbal and written) and team-working ability;
  • Skilled in using the Microsoft Office applications Word, Excel and Outlook.

Desired requirements:
The following skills/experience will be desired for the Contractor’s team:

  • Possession of an auditing qualification, e.g. for ISO 9001.
  • Experience working with SW related standards (ECSS Q80, ISO 12207, ISO 25000);
  • Knowledge of Software Quality Models: ECSS, ISO, SQALE;
  • Knowledge of ISO 31000 (Risk Management) and/or experience of the activity.

Other Information

  • Start date is the first quarter of 2019.
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