Network infrastructure and solutions development and deployment Consultancy (m/w)

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Job code: 214296

Job posted on: Fri, 2017-04-28 14:06

Location: EUMETSAT, Darmstadt

Country: Germany

Education: Bachelor

Contract type: Permanent

Start Date: within 2 months

· P rovide c ross- te a m pre se ntation and tra ini ng on d e plo y e d ne twork inf ra str uc ture a nd solut ion . · Tec hnic a l i nter fac e a nd li a ison with S e rvic e P rovi de rs a nd supplier s . 3.2.3 Su p p or t t o p r oc u r e me n ts of n e tw or k i nf r astr u c tur e · P rovide c onsultan c y for proc ure m e nts of ne twork e quipm e nt a nd provide r se rvice s (pr ovide e quipm e nt spe c i fica ti on a nd c osts e sti mat ion, provide se rvic e spec i fica ti on, c ompi le de tailed e quipm e nt l ist s, c ontribute to e va luation and c ompa rison of off e rs on se rvic e a nd/or e quip ment ) . · Contribute , a s e x pe rt, to e va luation of of fe rs f o r n e twork e quipm e nt and p r ovider se rvice s. 3.2.4 Ne tw or k syste m s an d ser vice s an o m aly h and li n g an d tr oub leshootin g. · P rovision of standb y / ca ll - out support a nd 1 st li ne troubleshooting followin g a n a g r ee d r ota. I n the p e rf o rma nc e of the a bove li sted tasks, the Contrac tor sha ll a ppl y the EU METSAT c onfig u ra ti on a nd c ha n g e c ontrol proce du re s a s we ll a s the re leva nt s y stem e ng in ee r in g standa rds, qua li t y m a na ge ment pr oce du re s a nd m a int e na nc e proc e dure s. The C ontrac tor is ex pec t e d to ge ne r a te a nd maint a in docume ntation as a n e ssential pa rt of the tasks a bove . This m a y c o mprise w riting a nd re vie wing r e quire ment a nd de sig n spec i fica ti ons, c ha n g e prop os a ls, pre p a r ing doc uments supporti n g pro c ure m e nts, re view in g da t a pac k a g e s be long in g to t ec hni ca l i nspec ti ons a nd re vie ws, w riting a nd r e view in g the a s- buil t c omm unica ti on a nd ne tw ork solut ion spec ifica ti on , wr it ing /re vi e win g test r e ports a nd ove ra ll status re ports. Requirements: 4.1 Do m ain , e n gin eer in g an d te chn ology s k il ls, exp er ience & kn ow ledge I n a dditi o n t o h a v in g a u n iv er s i ty d e g re e ( o r e quiv a l e nt ) , t h e k e y p er so n sh a l l h a v e a t l e a s t 5 y e ar s o f p r ov e n k n o w l e d g e a n d h a n d s - o n e xp er i e n c e i n s e v era l o f th e f o l l o w i n g m a nd a to ry ski l l s area s ( a mi n im u m o f 6 ar e e xp ec t e d ) : - Unde rsta ndin g o f th e b u s i n e s s n ee d s i mp o s e d by s a t e ll i t e g r oun d sy st e m s e nv i r onm e n t s ( o r si m il ar ) o n n e t w o r k i n g , e xp e r i e n c e o f t ra n s l a t i n g t h e s e in t o n ee d s o n n e t w o r k in fra s t r u c tu re , f un c ti o n s a n d sy st e ms . - Ex pe rie nc e of ne twork s y stem s a nd so lut ion s e ng ine e rin g i n th e s e e nvi r o nm e n t s throug hout their li fe c y c l e , of ca r r y in g out (spe c if y i n g , pr e pa ring , pl a nnin g a n d e xec u t i n g )

ne twork e n g nee ring ac ti vit ies, including their c oordina ti on a nd tec hn i ca l g uidanc e , wor king with pee r, c ustom e rs/use rs a n d othe r sta k e holder s i nvolved in the ac ti vit ies; - I n - de pth knowled ge of C isco tec hnolog y a nd soluti ons for these e nvironme nts . I t wil l be c onside re d b e ne fic i a l i f the ke y pe rson holds a c ur re nt C isco ce rtific a ti on or is able to subst a nti a te e quivale nt ex pe rie nce . - Ex pe rie nc e of w o rking in a nd a ppl y in g th e a bove s kil ls i n hig h -a va il a bil it y , a lwa y s - on produc ti on e nvironmen ts , drive n b y hig h a va il a bil it y re quir e ments . - Ex pe rie nc e of inter ac ti n g with suppli e rs of ne twor k pro duc ts and se rvi c e pr ovider s. I n a ddit ion, knowledge a nd ha nds - on e x pe rie nc e with t he following is con sidere d ve r y de sira ble: - Ex pe rie nc e of suppor ti n g proc ure m e nts of ne twor k e quipm e nt a nd se rv ic e s . - A bi l i ty t o p re s e n t - v er b a l ly a n d i n wr i t in g - n e t w o r k s o lu t io n s a n d sy st e m s i n a c omp re h e n s ibl e w a y , w it h th e s p ec i f i c a b i l it y t o e xp l a i n r e l e v a n t d e t a i l s w h i l e k ee pin g th e f o c u s o n th e ov era l l sy st e m a sp ec t s . A b i l it y t o t ra n s l a t e I T j ar g o n int o c u st o m e r bus i n e s s t er ms . - De mon s t ra t e d ca p a b i l i ty o f t ec h n i ca l a u tho r i n g ( st r u c tu re /o r g a nis a ti o n o f co n ce pt , d e s i g n , d e pl oy m e n t a n d t e s t sp ec i f i ca ti o n do c u m e n t s , a n d o f crea tin g a n d w o r k in g w i t h t ec h ni ca l n e t w o r k di a g ra m s (V i sio ) ) . - F or suppor ti n g doc ument a ti on tasks, e x pe rie nc e is re quire d with: · Micr osoft Of fic e S uit e , including MS - Visio. The va rie t y of the t a sks a nd the sc ope of the s y ste ms to be supporte d re quire a hi g h de g r e e of a utonom y a nd g ood a na l y t ica l ski ll s. 4.2 Othe r sk il ls The off icia l l a n g u a g e s of EU METSAT a re En g li sh a nd F r e nc h. Th e wor ki ng lan g u a g e fo r the positi on is Eng li sh a nd there for e th e ke y p e rso n must be a ble to wor k e f fe c ti ve l y in t his lang u a g e . The ke y pe rson sha ll be a ble to c onduc t all ac ti vit ies in a n orde rl y a nd disc i pli ne d manne r, sha ll be a ble to wor k ca l ml y a nd c o rr e c tl y und e r s tre ss and must be a ble to wor k without supe rvision. The ke y pe rson sha ll a lso be a ssesse d for the f oll o wing skill s a nd qua li ti e s: o Abil it y to c omm it to t he plan a nd de li ve r the e x pec ted re sult s on tim e or to re port proa c ti ve l y if a n y d e viations ar e fo re se e n. o Ta king o wne rship of p ro blems throug h to ef fec t ive re solut ion. o I T IL a nd dir ec t ex pe rie n c e in cha n ge a nd c onfi g u ra ti on mana g e ment. o S ome know ledge of G e r man ( not m a nda tor y ).

Please be advised that by submitting your CV or other content to us, you agree to the administration, processing and storage of any personal data for the purposes of recruitment processes. The agreement covers the processing of personal data by Vitrociset Belgium even after finishing the recruitment process to submit further proposals for employment and may be revoked at any time.

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Contact information: Please send your application to Ms. Roxana Sasu at : r.sasu@vitrocisetbelgium.com Deadline: 14.05.2017

Key Responsibilities:


Leveraged Comms Team

The key person shall provide consultancy to a leveraged (all-mission) team, requiring the ability to switch rapidly between the multitudes of roles (e.g. project support, operations) as

required. The team support the full range of Comms Systems, from provision of support to new networks systems requirement and design, support of operational systems (and those transitioning to operations status, and integration of legacy systems and their eventual replacement or decommissioning.

The Comms Team performs the following activities:


Specification of customer networking needs for both LAN and WAN systems.


Identification, extraction/collection, analysis & consolidation of required data flows and specification of their characteristics.


Assessment and definition of customer networking needs, plus analysis of existing infrastructure, specification of incremental and consolidated requirements on network infrastructure and systems.


Specification of the customer network solution - purpose and scope, high-level functional/architectural design description and justification, detailed description of logical and physical design incl. redundancy behaviour.


Operation and maintenance of current in-situ networks on a 24/7 basis.


Design, procurement and provision of dedicated operations voice/video support systems.


Performs out-of-hours scheduled maintenance activities in support of services delivered to the ICT Unit.

3.2 Task List

In providing consultancy to developing and deploying network infrastructure and solutions for current and emerging operational networks, the Contractor shall be required to carry out the following tasks:

3.2.1 Network infrastructure and solutions design


From networking customer, user, or business needs, identification, extraction/collection, analysis & consolidation of network use cases e.g. extraction of required data flows and specification of their characteristics.


Specification of network design and/or solution.


Specification of integration, verification and testing.

3.2.2 Network infrastructure and solutions deployment


Specification, set-up and running of Proof-of-concept / prototype.


Specifying, planning and scheduling of deployment (installation, migration/integration).


Performing and coordinating deployment, in coordination with customers and peers.


Perform verification testing, hand-over to customer. Support customer validation testing.

Ideal Candidate: 



      Provide cross-team presentation and training on deployed network infrastructure  and solution.



Technical interface and liaison with Service Providers and suppliers.



3.2.3      Support to procurements of network infrastructure



Provide consultancy for procurements of network equipment and provider services (provide equipment specification and costs estimation, provide service specification, compile detailed equipment lists, contribute to evaluation and comparison of offers on service and/or equipment).



Contribute, as expert, to evaluation of offers for network equipment and provider services.



3.2.4      Network systems and services anomaly handling and troubleshooting.



Provision of standby/call-out support and 1st line troubleshooting following an agreed rota.


In the performance of the above listed tasks, the Contractor shall apply the EUMETSAT configuration and change control procedures as well as the relevant system engineering standards, quality management procedures and maintenance procedures.


The Contractor is expected to generate and maintain documentation as an essential part of the tasks above. This may comprise writing and reviewing requirement and design specifications, change proposals, preparing documents supporting procurements, reviewing data packages belonging to technical inspections and reviews, writing and reviewing the as-built communication and network solution specification, writing/reviewing test reports and overall status reports.



4.1    Domain, engineering and technology skills, experience & knowledge


In addition to having a university degree (or equivalent), the key person shall have at least 5

years of proven knowledge and hands-on experience in several of the following mandatory skills areas (a minimum of 6 are expected):


-     Understanding of the business needs imposed by satellite ground systems environments (or similar) on networking, experience of translating these into needs on network infrastructure, functions and systems.


-     Experience  of  network  systems  and  solutions  engineering  in  these  environments throughout their lifecycle, of carrying out (specifying, preparing, planning and executing)

network  engneering  activities,  including  their  coordination  and  technical  guidance, working with peer, customers/users and other stakeholders involved in the activities;


-     In-depth knowledge of Cisco technology and solutions for these environments. It will be considered beneficial if the key person holds a current Cisco certification or is able to substantiate equivalent experience.


-     Experience of working in and applying the above skills in high-availability, always-on production environments, driven by high availability requirements.

-    Experience of interacting with suppliers of network products and service providers. In addition, knowledge and hands-on experience with the following is considered very



-    Experience of supporting procurements of network equipment and services.

-     Ability to present - verbally and in writing - network solutions and systems in a comprehensible way, with the specific ability to explain relevant details while keeping the focus on the overall system aspects. Ability to translate IT jargon into customer business terms.

-     Demonstrated capability of technical authoring (structure/organisation of concept, design, deployment and test specification documents, and of creating and working with technical network diagrams (Visio)).

-    For supporting documentation tasks, experience is required with:


· Microsoft Office Suite, including MS-Visio.


The variety of the tasks and the scope of the systems to be supported require a high degree of autonomy and good analytical skills.



4.2    Other skills


The official languages of EUMETSAT are English and French.  The working language for the position is English and therefore the key person must be able to work effectively in this language.


The key person shall be able to conduct all activities in an orderly and disciplined manner, shall be able to work calmly and correctly under stress and must be able to work without supervision.


The key person shall also be assessed for the following skills and qualities:

o Ability to commit to the plan and deliver the expected results on time or to report proactively if any deviations are foreseen.

o Taking ownership of problems through to effective resolution.

o ITIL and direct experience in change and configuration management.

o Some knowledge of German (not mandatory).

Please be advised that by submitting your CV or other content to us, you agree to the administration, processing and storage of any personal data for the purposes of recruitment processes. The agreement covers the processing of personal data by Vitrociset Belgium even after finishing the recruitment process to submit further proposals for employment and may be revoked at any time.

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Contact information: 

 Please send your application to Ms. Roxana Sasu at : r.sasu@vitrocisetbelgium.com 

Deadline: 14.05.2017

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