Mission Control Applications Software Engineer

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The key person shall work in the Mission Control Applications and Tools Team within the GSI Division in the TSS Department. The key person will report to the GEO Mission Control Applications Engineer.

The Consultant shall support software development and maintenance of M&C components and applications designed with an objected-oriented approach and client server architecture. The development cycle includes the typical phases (requirements, design, development, testing) with formal procedures related to configuration control, verification (against the software requirements) and roll-out into operations.
Development ranges in a mixed Windows and Unix environment, from fixing problems and engineering changes, technical support to the continuous operation of the system, including analysis, investigation and resolution with creation of appropriate documentation.

Main duties include:

  • Software development using C++ and Java engineered in Windows and Unix environments, interacting with Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) products;
  • Preventive maintenance: Support to the 24/7 smooth running of facility software applications and their operating systems and in the case of anomalies affecting operations, identifying and applying appropriate first line corrective actions ensuring that in the case of problems with applications, operating systems or COTS, that the operational configuration can be restored;
  • Corrective maintenance: Investigation into relevant anomalies and solutions, their documentation and classification, with suitable follow up of the delivery of software updates;
  • Evolutive maintenance: Analysis of user-driven requirements, generation of software requirements, design, implementation and verification/testing activities;
  • Verification/testing activities: Generation of verification/test procedures and delivery documentation, participation in verification and regression testing activities at unit and system level, participation in factory acceptance testing campaigns and execution of on-site verification testing at integration level;
  • System upgrades: Analysis, planning and management of application, operating system and COTS upgrades and reconfigurations, taking into account any compatibility issues;
  • Definition and management of technical documentation and procedures in support of these activities.
  • Applications support: Software and technical support to the end-users of the application software by request;
  • Attendance in meetings: Participation in technical, progress and team meetings, submission of reports as required;
  • On call service: On occasions, provision of standby/call out support to operations and support to critical operations out of normal hours;
  • Additional support: Provision of support to other areas and programs as required, for example, supporting the simulations infrastructure.
  • Documentation: generation and updates of technical documents;
  • Routine reporting: preparation and production of routine reports as necessary;
  • Contractor management at technical level: acting as point of contact with the contractor for technical discussions, review of technical documentation from the contractor, organizing periodical technical meetings with the contractor.
  • Analysis activities focused on a common software engineering framework for the GSI Mission Control Applications and Tools Team;
  • Development of tools implementing this software engineering framework.
Ideal Candidate: 

Essential requirements:
In addition to having a University degree in a relevant engineering discipline, the consultant shall demonstrate significant knowledge and experience in the area of software development. The consultant shall have skills and experience in software development with the following mandatory areas:

  • Extensive experience (minimum 5 years) in the definition, development and maintenance of Mission Control Functions software applications for GEO space missions, in particular, experience in the whole life cycle of development of typical applications like telemetry and telecommand chains, automation (schedule and procedure execution), operations preparation, analysis, etc...;
  • Good knowledge and understanding – with working experience evidence - of space related standards (ECSS and CCSDS) related to space-to-ground interfaces.
  • Extensive experience (minimum 5 years) in software development and maintenance following formal software life cycle processes resulting in multiple customer deliveries. This includes production of requirements, design engineering artefacts and implementation reflecting corrective and evolution software maintenance activities as well as new applications definition;
  • Extensive experience (minimum 5 years) in ground segment AIV related activities (test procedure generation, non-regression testing, requirements verification and validation).
  • Extensive experience (minimum 5 years) in designing and developing software components and applications using Object Oriented (OO) approach (including design patterns);
  • Extensive experience (minimum 5 years) designing, developing and programming software applications using C++ and Java under both Windows and Linux platforms;
  • Experience with formal software development environments like Eclipse IDE and Microsoft Visual Studio.
  • Very good knowledge of MS Windows Office Suite applications and experience with documentation management systems;
  • Experience in using configuration Management and anomaly reporting and tracking tools.

Desirable requirements:
It would be a distinct advantage for the Consultant to have experience with some of the following optional skills:

  • Knowledge with ESA mission control products, such as MICONYS suite (e.g. SCOS-2000, NIS, etc...);
  • Spacecraft simulation environments and systems,
  • Software support to users and in general to flight control teams;
  • Work experience in a 24/7 operational environment characterised by high availability requirements. This includes experience with on-call support to operational systems.
  • Experience developing interacting middleware components and application using TCPIP and CORBA;
  • Experience developing software components and applications making use of Web Applications technologies client and server side (Tomcat, Javascript), HTML5;
  • Experience in the development of software components using Open Source solutions like Eclipse and Apache products (e.g. Karaf, ActiveMQ);
  • Experience developing software applications using ODBC/JDBC bridges and programmatic interfaces to RDBMS engines;
  • Eclipse Plug-in development (OSGi Bundles)

Other Information

  • Start date is as soon as possible.
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