Microwave Instrument System Engineer

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The European Space Agency is ATGs biggest client. They are an international organisation with 22 member states with sites in the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, UK and Belgium. ESA is Europes gateway to Space!

For one of our main customers ESA/ESTEC, we are currently looking for a Microwave Instrument System Engineer who will give support to the directorate of Earth Observation Mission.

  • The duties of the Contractor are performed in liaison with a team of engineers. They include:Development/acquisition, validation and maintenance of performance assessment tools for various space borne microwave instruments encompassing both active (radars) and passive (radiometers) instruments;
  • Translation of mission/observation requirements to instrument requirements;
  • improvement and maintenance of data processing tools;
  • Performance Assessment of active and passive microwave instruments during the study phases (0, A) and during project implementation phases (B, C/D);
  • Participation in the preparation and monitoring of instrument system and technology predevelopment studies together with industry.
Ideal Candidate: 
  • University (master) degree or equivalent qualification in electrical engineering or physics with background in microwave engineering or electromagnetics theory;
  • A good end-to-end instrument system understanding of microwave radar and/or radiometers;
  • First experience in instrument system and performance modelling as well as digital signal processing techniques;
  • General understanding of the modelling of wave interactions with the atmosphere and surface scattering;
  • Ability to work both autonomously and as part of a team within the boundaries of assigned tasks and a stringent schedule;
  • Practical experience relevant to the tasks described above is an asset;
  • Good familiarity with programming languages and computer programs such as Python, MatLAB, ADS, Excel, etc.;
  • Proficient in the English language (spoken and written).
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