L2PF Product Processors Procurement Consultant

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One of our space clients based in Germany are seeking a Product Processors Procurement Consultant to provide support to the Data Processing Team within the Ground Segment Team in the GEO Division.

The overarching task of the key person will be to support the procurement activities for the data processing facilities, primarily by developing and consolidating the knowledge needed to acquire the mission data processing functionality for on-line and off-line functions, including functionality providing common services, such as data handling, processor allocation and monitoring, job control, and general M&C, and by supporting the technical interface to industrial consortia.

Consultancy is sought for the development, verification & validation, on-site delivery, acceptance and warranty of the data processing systems. In addition, support for ground segment integration and system validation activities may be required.


The closing date for applications is 20/02/2017.


In particular the tasks will include:

Support management of the detailed processing specification documents related to L0, L1 and L2 processing elements and products of UVN and FCI, as well as their lifecycle, including organisation of technical and science meetings for requirement consolidation, implementing and tracking documentation updates. Ensure that a proper knowledge transfer to industry is properly implemented and follow up the implementations of operational processors, mainly for UVN and FCI remote sensing scientific aspects. Organise and participate to science workshops and reviews. support engineers and scientists from industrial consortia by providing clarifications of the UVN and FCI level 2 algorithms specifications as well as engineering and/or scientific support as needed, liaise with industrial consortia and EUMETSAT’s experts for the resolution of technical and scientific issues. Interface with the MTG Science Team for all aspects related to the preparation of Level 2 FCI and UVN Level 1 and 2 algorithms and product generation specification definition documents. Support the definition of interfaces, the production of related ICDs, attendance to interface workshops and, specifically for the interface between L2PF facility and other facilities including the L2OP facility. Support organisation and execution of facility reviews (e.g. PDR, CDR, TRR) including processing and handling of the RIDs, tracking RIDs resolutions and actions, verification of satisfactory documentation updates. Develop and maintain, as well as support procurement of: test tools and test dataset including reference processors and reference test datasets that reflect the functionality defined in the processing specifications. Support the verification and validation, deployment, acceptance and warranty of the operational software, specifically for instrument and product processors.



University degree (or equivalent) in a relevant discipline such as computer science, physics, mathematics or remote sensing.


Experience and skills:

The key person shall be senior with a minimum of five years’ experience in software engineering for operational processing of satellite or meteorological data.

Knowledge and experience of the following is mandatory:

Specification, development, and testing of product processors for earth observation platforms, with knowledge of the following domain-specific aspects being highly desirable: Level 2 Ground processing algorithms for imager instruments, e.g. SEVIRI covering atmospheric motion vectors, cloud masks, cloud products including volcanic ash, clear sky reflectance’s and radiances, global instability and total ozone and radiative transfer model. Level 1 UVN Ground processing algorithms for hyperspectral sounding instruments, covering geolocation, radiometric and spectral calibration at level 1 as well as methodologies and techniques for atmospheric retrievals at Level 2. Operational software for high-throughput, low-latency processing of satellite data, preferably for imager and hyperspectral sounding instruments. System and software engineering for operational earth observation ground processing. Formal software testing, verification and validation of product processors (L1 or L2) for satellite data (with a particular focus on Imager and hyperspectral sounding instruments) or other meteorological data. Development and testing of software in UNIX environments.


Practical knowledge and demonstrated ability covering as many as possible of the following will be an advantage:

Demonstrated experience of working in a high/pressure working environment in procuring a L2 imager processor in both industry and space agency procurement. Demonstrated experience of working in all procurement stages for an L2 imager. Demonstrated knowledge of FCI Level 2 algorithms. Hands on experience of interfacing and translating scientific imager and hyperspectral sounding instruments information into procurement specifications. Knowledge of Level 2 UVN ground processing algorithms for hyperspectral sounding instruments, covering computation efficiency and in particular ozone tropospheric retrieval. Processes, phases and documentation related to procurement of operational data processing systems in the field of Earth Observations including ECSS standards. The ability to perform under high workloads. Very good communication, presentation and listening skills—including the ability to rapidly absorb, and make use of, information presented in written and oral communications in a dynamic context. Good English skills are essential.

Ideal Candidate: 
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