ISS System Engineering Support

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Job code: RT-S/HRE-I/00039

Job posted on: Wed, 2018-01-10 19:02

Location: ESTEC-Noordwijk

Country: The Netherlands

Education: Master degree

Contract type: Permanent

Start Date: within 2 months


The service supplier shall support the Exploration missions preparation team with the following duties in this work package:

 Supporting the implementation of ESA internal and industrial system definition studies at Phase A/B1 level, including associated technology studies for preparing future European activities and projects in the field of robotic exploration, addressing in particular future Mars Orbiter and Rover mission concepts.

 Support to preparation and implementation of study reviews (with industry/international partners and ESA internal)

 Developing and maintaining key-driving System and Technical requirements document for future European development activities and studies for exploration at mission, architecture, system and technology level.

 Supporting international collaboration efforts in the field of exploration missions and supporting the definition and analysis of future international exploration mission scenarios and associated technology requirements.

 Supporting activities involving engagement of external parties (industry, academia, international partners) organised by HRE in the field of exploration

Contact information: l.petkov@vitrocisetbelgium.com o.recca@vitrocvisetbelgium.com jobs@vitrocisetbelgium.com

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