EPS-SG System Operations Development

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Sapienza is looking to recruit a Consultant in the field of system engineering to contribute to the definition and operation preparation of EPS second generation (EPS-SG) at EUMETSAT in Darmstadt. The Contractor will provide consultancy to the EPS-SG Operation Preparation Integrated Team (OPIT) in the LEO Division. The role will include general operation preparation aspects but will focus on the end to end system operations. The tasks will be carried out at EUMETSAT facilities in Darmstadt, but travel within Europe may be required for certain activities.

  • Responsible for the definition of the overall Operations Validation Plan (OVP);
  • Implement and coordinate the OVP for the validation of the operational scenarios and support the SIM Officer during the simulation campaigns;
  • Coordinate with IV&V team to deliver as necessary validated operational scenarios for V&V test cases;
  • Responsible for the definition of system operation documentation for both nominal and contingency operations (System Ops Guides) in close coordination with OPS department;
  • Develop and validate the end to end System Operation Procedures and Timelines for routine and contingency operations in coordination with satellite and system operations engineers;
  • Coordinate with OPS team leaders to ensure compliance with existing OPS workflows and processes as per Operations Management Plan (OMP);
  • In coordination with OPS teams, contribute to the Reference Operations Plan and ensure coherency with mission concepts;
  • Ensure focal point of contact in OPIT for coordination with V&V team.
Ideal Candidate: 
  • University degree (or equivalent) in a relevant discipline;
  • Demonstrated experience of at least five years in the field of Spacecraft Operations with specific experience as follows:
    • Good system knowledge of the main functional elements of a ground system which are used for the monitoring and control of a satellite;
    • Spacecraft monitor and control operations on SCOS based system;
    • Experience of definition, development and validation of operations for the development of satellite ground segment facilities such as monitor and control, mission planning, on board software management, ground stations monitoring;
    • Relevant experience on configuration management of operational systems;
    • Demonstrated experience in a similar key role for the validation and readiness status of specific operation preparation phases such as SSVT, validation campaigns or rehearsals;
    • Operation Procedures development life cycle and Operation Preparation environment and configuration management for operational systems;
    • Specification of system and operational concepts, facility requirements and external operational interfaces management.
  • Furthermore, it would be a distinct advantage for the candidate to have experience with some of the following:
    • In-orbit System operations of Low Earth Orbit Earth Observation satellites;
    • Specific Operational phases such as LEOP, SIOV, and Commissioning phases;
    • Configuration management of operation baseline components on operational systems;
    • System development life cycle, phases, reviews and deliverables
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