Data Systems Management Engineer

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This position is for a Data Systems Manager (DSM) Service for OPS-GD. The DSM manages Mission Data Systems (MDS), which include Mission Control System, Mission Planning System, Operational Simulators, Service Provision Data Centre and Advanced Software Applications.

The primary areas of activity for the requested service relate to the following MDSs:

  • Science Missions (e.g. MEX, SOLO, BEPI COLOMBO, EXOMARS (TGO AND RSP), INTEGRAL/XMM, EUCLID, LPF, but also any other mission under GDS responsibility).
  • SIM CCB.

    The Data Systems Manager Service includes:

    • Development and Maintenance of Mission Data Systems
    • Specification and management of Software Requirements
    • Contractual and technical work for the start of a new MDS project
    • Running the MDS software development and maintenance projects
    • Support the Management and perform ESOC internal activities related to MDS (deployment, testing, configuration etc…) according to ESOC internal processes.
    • Support to Mission’s critical activities
    • Organisation of Software Support (SWS) on-site & environment preparation
    • Role of Software Coordinator
    • Support to missions during the whole lifetime
    • Review of MIRD and contribution to MIP
    • Definition of external and internal interfaces
    • Contribution to the SFIRD, GSSRD, GSSTP and review of SGICD
    • Support to Ground Segment Reviews
    • Support to regular progress meetings with Project and ESOC team
    • Support SVT/SOVT/E2E tests and in general FCT activity
    • Support mission closure and retirement of SW and HW items
    • Support to 3rd Party and Special Projects
    • Support the ESA service manager in defining the technical and organisational setup of ESA service, including SLA and costing
    • Interact with ESA external 3rd party entities (e.g. EUD, GSA, DLR, NASA, …) under agreement of TR
    • Support ESA from data systems perspective towards external entities, in particular to recommend agreement on technical and organisational interfaces
    • Coordinate the in-house and industrial data systems team
    • Interact with companies of new member states in preparation process for new activities
    • Assume the data system architect role for special projects which are not based on reference architecture of ground segments for missions (such as SSA, METERON, IAP)
    • Contribute to bring OPS-GD and Data Systems perspective in collaborative projects with other ESA entities, in the context of special projects and future missions (e.g. NAV, TEC, HRE)
    • Coordinate the in-house developments of MDS for small missions
    • Support to study, innovation and standardisation
    • Prepare proposals
    • Run approved studies or innovation works
    • Organise and coordinate joint projects with other agencies in the context of standardisation (e.g. interoperability testing, prototyping)
    • Support ESA as a member of international Standardisation working groups
    • Other Tasks
    • Support tasks at division level
    • Support Quality Management and actively contribute to improve ESOC internal processes and tools.
    • Support to OPS-GI infrastructure activities
  • Ideal Candidate: 

    Essential requirements:
    The position requires the following skills

    • Project management
    • Software engineering
    • Experience with development and maintenance of big software projects
    • Requirements management (knowledge of tools, e.g. doors)
    • Test management (knowledge of tools, e.g. HPQC)
    • Knowledge of ESOC infrastructure (Scos-2000, SIMSAT, Egos MPS, EGS-CC)
    • Knowledge of ESOC operational environment
    • Knowledge of Spacecraft (especially for the SIM)
    • Knowledge of Standards (Engineering and Quality)
    • Awareness of the technology trends and interest in R&T
    • Fluent spoken and written English
    • Ability to capture the bigger picture and the system context
    • Communication skills
    • Capability of adapting to circumstances
    • Openness and reliability
    • Independence in working on own tasks
    • Leadership
    • Negotiation capabilities
    • Ability to interface with several different areas/people in ESOC
    • Capability to establish and maintain good working relationships with Industry and FCT

    Other Information

    • Start date is July 2017
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