Avionics Quality Engineer

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The Bremen office of our client is the industrial centre of excellence for human spaceflight, launchers and space robotics in Europe. Key projects here are contributions towards the International Space Station ISS, the development of rocket stages and in the area of robotics the gentle and safe landing of spacecraft.

Within avionics projects for spacecraft applications, you will be working in the corresponding Quality Assurance teams for EEE components.

  • Preparation of Electrical, Electronical, Electromechanical (EEE) related documentation in proposals and projects in close cooperation with other Quality Assurance disciplines;
  • Assuring conformance of avionics documentation with applicable requirements;
  • Evaluation of design proposals regarding selection of EEE parts and processes;
  • Participation in supplier surveillance and acceptance activities for avionics components;
  • Participation in the handling of non-conformances, alerts, warning notices and risks;
  • Procurement support Assurance of continuous improvement;
  • EEE parts and processes engineering, assuring the conformity of EEE parts and production, integration and verification processes with applicable requirements;
  • Evaluation of EEE parts and processes regarding their usability for spaceflight;
  • Support to the continuous improvement of the Airbus DS quality management system, including cooperation with other quality departments within Airbus DS;
  • Support to supplier and contractor audits;
  • Maintenance and improvement of the Quality Assurance expertise concerning EEE parts and processes.
Ideal Candidate: 
  • At least a Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering or Physics;
  • About 3 years of experience in Electrical Engineering or Quality Management;
  • Experience in process und product quality management and statistics;
  • Experience with SAP (Quality module, configuration management, production/materials flow management);
  • Solid knowledge in EEE parts and technologies, manufacturing, behaviour, soldering, crimping, etc.;
  • Quality knowledge oriented on EN9100:2009;
  • Knowledge in space/MIL standards, such as ECSS, IPC, and MIL-US System;
  • Knowledge in Aerospace Technology and Semiconductor Production;
  • Interdisciplinary technical knowledge;
  • Basic knowledge in vacuum technology and in cosmic radiation related to EEE Capability;
  • Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) process knowledge Audit experience;
  • Fluency in English, German language skills preferred.
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