Paradigm Secure Communications

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Paradigm is the world’s first commercial satellite communications company providing connectivity and end-to-end services using protected X-band and UHF frequencies compliant to NATO and MAC1 standards. The use of these protected bands enables Paradigm to provide coverage into regions where capacity is limited or unavailable in the commonly used commercial Ku and C bands. Furthermore, with the UK Armed Forces as its foundation customer, Paradigm also provides services to NATO, Canada, Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, Portugal and US DoD.

Paradigm’s Skynet constellation of satellites was recently renewed with the addition of 3 state of the art Skynet 5 satellites during 2007/8. Under its Private Finance Initiative (PFI) contract with UK Ministry of Defence, signed in October 2003 and now worth £4.0 billion, Paradigm is responsible for the provision of all worldwide beyond-line-of-sight communications services to UK Armed Forces up to at least 2022. Dedicated services are also available to approved governmental and institutional customers and related agencies. Each service can be uniquely tailored to satisfy the customer’s requirement.

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