Oil and Gas Construction & Completions Ltd

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Oil & Gas Construction & Completions Ltd was established in 1994 specializing in all types of steel fabrication and mechanical engineering as per international standards. Oil & Gas Construction & Completions Ltd have built its business on the foundation of providing the best customer service available. Our reputation and constant attention to good service sets us apart committing that every customer is our most important customer.

As part of these principles, we commit to contribute to sustainable development.

Our company believes that the implementation of QHSE management system enhances its ability to meet the required quality in a safe and environmental friendly manner as per the projects’ budget, schedule and scope. Our QHSE management system identifies the means for developing and implementing all policies and objectives concerning the quality and environmental aspects through contingency plans and continuous training.

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As a dynamic and growing company, we are continuously searching for new candidates and highly qualified experts for our job openings.
If you are already working having a qualified education and technical experience, then you are welcome to make Oil & Gas Construction & Completions Ltd your new address. Experience challenging tasks in our projects, great teams and meet interesting new comers. Ongoing career growth opportunities and excellent remuneration package is what you receive at Oil & Gas Construction & Completions Ltd.

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