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Whether you’re looking for your first job from leaving education, been in the same job for a number of years and just started looking or want to change careers, we can improve your chances. Be you a director, senior manager or an employee; we can help you find and apply for better jobs, improving the number of interviews you get.

By making the right applications and presenting yourself at your best, with a professional CV and interview skills, you will stand out from other candidates as being professionally well prepared. We can help you work better with both recruiters, and businesses directly, saving you time and stress.

At any time in your career changing jobs can be a job in itself! Changing jobs is time consuming, hampered with pitfalls, problems and is extremely difficult to fit in around an already busy lifestyle.

Many of us don’t have the time or even make time to invest in our careers or ourselves. Whilst MJH is not a recruitment company, we work with both recruiters and candidates improving relationships, candidate profiling and presentation. We want to pass on our recruitment expertise, help you develop your CV, interview skills, presentation skills, negotiation skills and to improve your career prospects.

Whatever stage you are at with your career - we can help you improve!

What We Offer To Individuals:
Free Initial Assessment
CV Preparation
CV Finalisation
Job Searching
Job Applications
Bespoke Applications
Interview Training
Professional Profiling (linkedIn / job boards)
Application Management
Career Development

What We Offer To Business:
CV Management
Candidate Management
Block Interviewing
Client Based Inductions
Headhunting (18%)
Retained Recruitment Projects
Interim Recruitment (Gap Fill)
On Site Recruitment
Assessment Centres

Coming Soon - Psycometric & SHL Testing

Looking for something different?

Please e-mail us with your requirements: moreinfo@myjobhelp.co.uk
01332 512 714
07815 627 679

We will:
Help you find and apply for the right jobs
Help you build and finalise your CV
Help you become more professional
Help you interview better
Help you get noticed
Help you sell yourself
Help you achieve your best recruitment strategy

Making you stand out from the crowd is easy with myjobhelp.co.uk.

Were on facebook and twitter! where you will find most of our candidates too!

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Business or individual private accounts.

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