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Dutch Space is a supplier of subsystems for the European space industry. It is the main player of the Dutch space industry. The company, originally a member of the Fokker group, was established as an independent company in 1995, and has about 300 employees. Over the last thirty years the company has built up a comprehensive package of expertise, services en products in the context of its space activities.

Dutch Space is Europe's leading independent solar array manufacturer for spacecraft. The solar array program ranges from telecommunication and science to earth observation applications. The Dutch Space solar arrays combine heritage (based on the Advanced Rigid Array - ara- concept) and flexibility having a 100 % successful deployment score.

The company's original expertise in lightweight, rigid and strong structural components has led to close involvement in the Ariane launcher development and production program. Today, following its development input for all Ariane rocket generations to date, Dutch Space is participating in Europe's most important space programme: the continued production of the Ariane 5 launch vehicle. Regarding reusable space transportation systems, Dutch Space is putting a major effort in design and development of hot control surfaces and thermal protection systems. Dutch Space furthermore is specialized in in complex structures like thermal radiators and mechanisms.

Dutch Space is a specialist in advanced robotics technology. One major activity is the further development and launch support of the era (European Robotic Arm), an 11 meter long, stand-alone space robot. The era has been developed for the European Space Agency (esa) by a consortium of companies from 7 countries with Dutch Space as prime contractor. The robot arm will be launched by Russian Proton rocket to be operated in space by the International Space Station (iss) crew, from the year 2007 onwards.

In the field of earth observation instruments Dutch Space has gained considerable experience. Sciamachy, flying on Envisat, is a world-class trace-gas monitoring system. A derivative, called omi (Ozone Monitoring Instrument) is now successfully in operation on the us platform Aura, since 2004.

After gaining experience on attitutde and orbit control systems (aocs) on projects like iras, iso andsax, the Herschel-Planck project awarded the design, development and test of the acms-system to Dutch Space. Due to the short turn-around required, also the electrical groud check-out equipment egse (including simulator) was developed in-house and is now in operation at our partner Sener.

Complex projects need extensive Real-Time and Non-Real-Time simulation to support system development, integration and testing. Dutch Space has delivered simulation systems for a number of customers within the space community, but also for non-space application, including Training Simulators. As a Center of Excellence for esa, Dutch Space is an established partner for simulation in the space community.

Its expertise in real-time simulation is in particular demonstrated in the EuroSim program package. This tool is extensively used in-house, but is also commercially licensed to parties that wish to develop their own simulation environment.

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Dutch Space is the largest aerospace company in the Netherlands and has over the last thirty years participated actively in international space projects in various fields, such as earth observation, telecommunications, space research and development of space infrastructure. Dutch Space also applies its knowledge and experience beyond the space, both in the civil and defense segment. Dutch Space designs, develops and tests subsystems for satellites and launch vehicles, and supports industry and science, for example microgravity research. Dutch Space is the leading independent supplier of solar panels in Europe.

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