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ATG Europe prides itself in employing Europe’s brightest minds, and for the last 30 years we have been a key player in delivering highly educated personnel for R&D and Engineering environments throughout Europe. Our headquarters is located in the heart of the European space industry on the Noordwijk Space Business Park, in close proximity of ESA/ESTEC. We have subsidiaries on the Bremen Technology Park in Germany and on the Harwell Space Campus in the UK.

ATG Europe has three main core competencies:

ATG People is the key player in delivering highly educated personnel for R&D environments throughout Europe. Our professionals are engaged in innovative projects performing to high standards and utilizing the full extent of their professional knowledge.

ATG Projects excels at delivering highly demanding engineering projects in the areas of structural, thermal, composites and flow analysis. Major customers include ESA/ESTEC, Airbus and Lockheed Martin. From 2008 onward our focus has broadened to other challenging areas such as offshore, energy and high precision.

ATG Medialab’s ability to visualise technical and scientific complex projects is unmatched worldwide.

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