October 2014

Intercede’s Richard Parris speaks to Computer Weekly about BYOD and mobility

Parris said mobility is about productivity and enablement, so if users are finding it too complicated to use, they’re not getting the benefit of productivity. “If security gets in the way of it being used – such that employees don’t bother accessing data on the move, then you’re not getting the business benefit.”

Intercede reveals corporate data at risk from ignorance of BYOD policies

By bypassing companies’ BYOD policies and not taking regulations into account when accessing sensitive data, employees are leaving the back door open to hackers. CIOs are currently in a difficult position. They either ban BYOD completely or implement long, complex passwords, which are vulnerable and unfit for use on mobile devices.

Professional Security Magazine’s BYOD factsheet

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) can be advantageous, boosting productivity and enabling staff to work while travelling or away from their desk, the advice runs. However, businesses should be aware that there are important security issues around the use of personal devices for work purposes, and these need to be carefully considered and safeguarded against.

1 in 4 employees unsure of BYOD policies

The apparent lack of awareness of the security issues relating to BYOD among workforces in the UK and elsewhere could present very real data theft threats, Intercede’s chief executive Richard Parris said.

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Security roundup

Intercede has revealed that the security of corporate data across the UK is being compromised by workers’ ignorance of the BYOD policies their employees have in place.

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Welcome to Springco

Springco NI Limited, based in Portadown, Co.Armagh, N.Ireland are manufacturer’s of High Quality Springs since 1954.

Full Approved to AS9100 Rev C we are the premier supplier of many types of Springs, Wire Shapes, Pressings and Tubeforms in various materials.

We can design and manufacture compression springs, tension springs, torsion springs, wire shapes, flat springs, tube forms and hardware items which can all be viewed in more detail in our product range section.

Middle East Airlines

MEA recently changed from using the Boeing range of aircraft and switched to the Airbus. RHE were called in to ascertain whether their existing jacking equipment could service the Airbus.

A one day visit to their maintenance facility enabled us to make notes of the existing jack model numbers and operating heights. Within days we provided them with a list of equipment that provided them with complete jack sets ready to provide maintenance on their Airbus fleet.

Delivery of new B737-800 tripod jacks to Ryanair

Ryanair have taken delivery of B737-800 tripod jacks manufactured by RHE.

MoD approval

RHE are pleased to announce that we are now official suppliers to the Ministry of Defence, supplying equipment and testing services for their ground support equipment.

Malaysian contract completion

RHE engineers have just returned from commissioning in A320 jacks supplied to Sepang Aircraft Engineering in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

As well as the pricing for the refurbished jacks, engineers commissioning in the jacks onsite was a key part of securing the contract. We are currently quoting for further GSE in the area, as well as our onsite testing services.